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  1. 99 Pcent

    So is the CCP and dictator Xi gonna kill another 10 thousand people like they did in Tiannanmen square massacre?

  2. 99 Pcent

    China must be destroyed. Like they destroyed Tibet and East Turkmenistan.

  3. manny mo

    Do these HK people are all criminals? why they start all this shit? is it really extradition the reason behind all this shit? Sure all the HK people know they are part of China so again why all this shit? Is it this shit another way to try to slow down China grows? Sure the tariffs can't work as Americans dependent on Chine goods and Americans own goods made in China, Sure also this shit won't work HK will always be part of China and Taiwan will be next and it will be part of China without in invasion Taiwanese will come to their senses and accept China is a number one powerhouse in all domain and they want to be part of it.

  4. k jason

    George Galloway

    The only decent British. After the Opium War. If the UK is strong enough, 1997 does not need to return Hong Kong to China.

    Britain continues to remind 1.4 billion Chinese. Don't forget the Opium War. It will eventually bring devastating disaster to Britain.

  5. Harry Yu

    The Hong Kong protesters should be given credit for the courage of their convictions. Not only are they going up against a brutal repressive chinese communist government that doesn't hesitate to violently put down decent, they are also up against, in Trumpian terms, a FAKE local government & an aggressive police force that are given no choice but to obey their masters. The protesters really have no representation or voice in the FAKE government as the commies have stacked all the levers of power in their favor.
    Even though many protesters may not remember the brutality, repression & violence of chinese communist history, they do have exposure to democracy & many remember fondly Hong Kong's status as a British Crown colony.
    Even though this may eventually be a lost cause for the protesters, their primary demand to not to be shanghaied to china to face the brutal so call "commie justice" should at least be heard.

  6. PeiR C

    He really hit the nail on its head. Spot on.

  7. cho tat


  8. ESF Brown: Community Buy Up

    Even The United States Of America, OWNED (and Controlled) BY THE SYNAGOGUE OF Satan, will Kill its own Protestors! And the World is going to see this for themselves!

  9. 1789Bastille

    Netherlands will never be Germany, Hungary is not Austria and Hong Kong is not China.

  10. Machine Operator

    Sometimes you wonder why are so many supposedly "literate" and "smart" graduates in HK think they can have independence from China n HK is not part of China and worst, they are being used by foreign power to humiliate their own motherland. Truly a shame to all HK ppl…

    Btw did u all hear that? HK was stolen from China by the British back then. Stop embarrassing yourself by begging your former colonial master for help. What a joke

  11. rohanmark jay

    UK always stirs up trouble in other countries. UK is one of the world's biggest trouble makers and have been for hundreds of years. Everyone in the world knows this. So no surprise there. What other countries can't get away with. UK always seem to get away with.

  12. mosseon

    the British gov should be responsible until their contract runs out, they signed the deal with china and china went back on it. this is par for the course though and you're a member the attitude of a modern British that can't be trusted. Soon every country will sign things with your country cause they know that you won't show up if they go back on the deal.

  13. Lam Albert

    It is so obvious that a foreigner (outsider of HK) could trace all the facts together to piece a WHOLE picture of the recent riots since June; why can’t the young people out in the front line of the riots see the manipulation behind them? True but sad.

  14. Seagull W

    hk residents are chinese people. hk residents are the most greedy and racist in asia. hk residents love money from mainland china but they extremely discriminate against their own chinese people. hk residents blindly worship white race and western culture

  15. Geofrey

    LMAO. China sent the thugs to Hong Kong to create violence and blame the protestors. China is just so evil!

  16. Fook Oh Wong

    Naked hypocrisy of BBC. Absolutely no credibility in any and or whatever form when comes to politics.

  17. Frau ZEHEL

    No matter what protesters or westerners try to do, Hong Kong is forever part of China. Youngsters/Protestors in general need to stop being brainwashed by materialistic bribes or propaganda to initiate protests. They are destroying the lives of the rest of the Hong Kong citizens, and corroding the economy that was built by the hands and hardwork of their predecessors and most importantly, bringing SHAME to themselves and Hong Kong. Go back to school and get on with life. If you really hate China for whatever reasons you have, then you are free to leave. No one ask you to stay, on the lands of China, but Chinese will NOT tolerate disruptive and derogatory protesting behaviours. These people need to go ahead to UK and US that they like so much, see if they will be welcomed with open arms. Free will bij please.

  18. Hera Susanto

    This young generation in Hkg had never learn the history about their country.. because the British erase the bad things about them. Wake up kiddo.. You always a second class people under the British colonial… You were their colonial… Why all of you dont understand that…. Now you are back to your parent why are you complaining… And brought 🇺🇸 flag… Where is your brain……do you think they will welcome you??? … You just a rebell kid…

  19. Joan Doe

    This video is most enlightening….This former British MP and writer is brave enough to speak the truth about the UNEQUAL TREATY that resulted in Britain "STEALING" Hong Kong………
    The cops should arrest the protestors (especially the youth) and play this video to them……

    They might think twice about waving the British flag……..

  20. michael galindez

    dude you are already expiring so whats with commentary that you will never a part of, its outlandish

  21. Mick Bryan

    all China has to do is stick to the treaty they signed with hong kong

  22. Magu Leung

    The chinese flag represents to a
    Mainlander : the best in the world
    Foreigners: Tryanny cruel and untrustworthy
    Business: money, greed, bribery, scams, the land of copycats, and every unethical behavior imaginable, thug gangster heaven but it the government
    Uyghurs: Terrorists
    Chinese that got away from the mainland: red danger, lawless,
    Other chinese: garbage
    Other chinese: irrelevant just as the simplified chinese characters
    Conclusion: the chinese flag is to fresh to prove valuable enough to truly represent all the chinese people around the world. Chinese or others that have escaped CCP, were lucky enough to have lived and assimilated to other cultures and societies, when they look at the chinese flag from a far there is growing disappointments and disgust in the way they treat their own people.

  23. Francis Lee

    Those rioters have lost the right to even mention the word "democracy"…

  24. kamarthip1

    it has british infulence so it still belongs to britain

  25. Arthur Danielles

    Well said. Hong Kong residents had it easy for decades and now their Chinese identity has been restored there remains a minority faction of would be anarchists / trouble makers who want to incite trouble to stir up through lies and deception the belief that HK is entitled to be a separate country from China.
    Sorry the UK / west but you can't force the Chinese to kill their own people by selling them blackmailing them with opium / drugs and seizing HK by gun boat diplomacy (anything but ‼) When you see the disrespect that some have shown to their own Chinese heritage (Mainland China) from students would be anarchists trouble makers – reminds me of animal farm whilst they walk on two legs and expect the rest of HK residents to go down on all fours ?! Time for Mainland China (Beijing) to establish martial law and seize the trouble makers AND return not only the law and order back to HK majority but to also protect its prosperity.

  26. Kdjs Hdjw

    Thank you Sir for the comments regarding Hong Kong Still belong to China. I have seen too much nonsense by hong Kong public

  27. Lena Liu

    Arsehole, have you not heard of self determination, and the government for , of and by the people. I cannot see why it cannot be a country by itself. You damn fool, Americans had their Declaration of Independence almost three hundred years ago, " All men are equal" . In the 21st century we should have something like all men and women are equal.

  28. Rodrigo Duterte

    The problem here is nkt china itself but the communist party. When british invade hongkong the communist party doesnt exist yet same with taiwan. In 1997 without clearprovisions bristish surrender hongkong to china to communist party not to its original government back then the dynasties not the communist party

  29. Sam Sonn

    Of course

  30. Don Plurad

    It's all about freedom. That freedom is slowly eroding in Hong Kong. People of Hong Kong are not stupid. They are not demanding to be separated from China. They are demanding democratic governance and freedom.

  31. dead mao

    Communist well paid old junk english man

  32. hanasan8

    I think so too! Hong Kong is China. People are Chinese. The new young generation people should love, respect and proud of China and Chinese.

  33. KnightHelm gaming

    “I urge the protestors to turn from the Antinational path” china is a communist and sings the international.

  34. daniel tan


  35. nelson carreiro

    hes with the tyrants. China has stolen Tibet . HK belongs to HK NOT CHINA.

  36. J Whiskers

    And yeah just the one person sign off the land is that bad 150 years ago. It should be good enough lesson shouldn;t be one person or just a small group of people so call govt decide things for the whole population particular people s very well educated and no more fishing village or farmers. Whoever even try just dumb dumb wishing it as alice s wonderland. This whole hard elbow is just some more dumb dumb on top of cos it s a sample showing the world what if you don't bow down. Helping selling some more belt and road with it? It shouldn't be sending more forces but stop right away and show peace approaching and start TALK -IT -FIX. You want people more civilised than that 2 mil protesters split people sea for 1 ambulance passing?

  37. OneSpecies

    George, if they are holding you against your will, blink three times.

  38. J Whiskers

    Can it be more ironic than this? It was stolen by who and you dare came out speak what from your position? You got no shame.
    They ve been living that way for the 150 years. Those political nosense far too deep who cares, only you ugly politician cares about those and caused all the devastation. It s asking the honor of 2 systems with some dignified life. That which country means way less. Govt s so not honest they are willing to full submit. Doesn't have to be USA. You did not live their lifes. You freak piece of antique sit among those other pieces in your room cant represent their voices. Not even close. Don;t shove your head into people's. You done this tube for pay.

    Yeah and why? All over the world, if it is that up to standard and people s so comfy who gets a dame to go on street if there s good pay jobs secure enough for. You could go review all the black and whites tapes or what not don;t come out do more harms than it is you nasty stirer. Just F off.

    But why would anyone begin to try to make you understand you are among baby boomers. This word is only for the world to see.

  39. 杨MR

    Hong Kong is part of China!

  40. Liew James

    The HK police ought to be commended for exercising maximum restraint and doing their job under very extreme circumstances. All the Western media is obsessed with only demonising China and the HK police.
    People can see for themselves the bias and the prejudice !

  41. ahmed amedie

    Very corrupt fool

  42. ahmed amedie

    George is an old fool he is anti democracy.

  43. Suzie Wan

    ery true…sooner or later chinakoko will run hk

  44. big hanh

    Give hk to India

  45. Lan Chu

    Nothing will change the cry for freedom!

  46. Robert A.

    Wow, what a terrorist revolution! I support the Hong Kong police to use whatever necessary force to restore the order in Hong Kong and keep it from been attacked and destroyed again by the street thugs and the terrorists.

  47. jay ar aquino

    Hongkong people have one voice now for Independent Hongkong state.

  48. Kamaruzaman B T

    …just like d boxer rebellion 100 years ago but this time around they want back their colonial master…tony/soros must b v glad indeed…

  49. The Count

    All those puppet lackeys rampaging the streets of Hong Kong should pause and listen to this brilliant man. The most stunning fact? Hong Kong has always been China's. It was stolen from the Chinese by the British. Thanks George for being impartial.

  50. michaelwsperry

    FU Galloway always selling out innocent people to dictators.

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