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  1. TheEvyd

    @craigcc0 You're right. It was 10th Jan 1994!

  2. Craig Ferguson

    Doc Martin as the police officers ringtone! haha!!!!

  3. aribabe01

    @baildon1545 ___is it not the same 1 as this then??

  4. aribabe01

    @baildon1545 …cheers for that 😉

  5. Jeff Walker

    @BAVideography have you listened to the Howard jones song – it's not the same song.

  6. Jeff Walker

    @anoifeef take no notice of the above comment from boylepw; he has obviously never heard the Howard Jones song.

  7. oh-a-sun :)


  8. BAVideography

    It's an 80s song. Howard Jones released it back then; prior to that he sold vegetables in Camden Station (if my British Cultural Geography professor is to be belived).

  9. DaveC Roth

    whyz this considered an 80's song when it came out in the 90's is this the original singer or is there another thats really an 80's era, not 90's?

  10. Stuart C

    was this 80;s song or was it done it in 90's like 1997

  11. Edvardas Karlo

    really great song:)

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