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  1. Φιλιππος Χατζηεργατης

    He got his balls dropped

  2. Stuart D

    Dude lost his voice AGAIN. Bro, just fucking take a break for a minute. Honestly it's hard to even watch/listen to you when you sound like this anyways. You have staff that can fill in for you, don't you?

  3. Sean Schaller

    Is Linus ill? Or what happened to his voice?

  4. Gulam Sarwar

    8:55 and the disaster comes. 😑😑

  5. Inigo Meowtoya

    I like his new raspy sexy voice.

  6. TGH 27

    In Indonesia, id cooling brand is one of the popular, powerful cooler for the lower price

  7. Clare Claratehia

    Linu's needs an upgrade he needs a sound card

  8. Azmi Ahmad

    Linus Meth Tips

  9. Eko Prasetyo

    I have the GPU only AIO installed on my RX 5700XT.
    GPU is cooled.
    GDDR6 chips are not.

  10. Quelthelass

    Holy Sheet, Linus did you finally hit puberty??? Or is that just SINUS TECH TIPS?

  11. Systrex

    If your voice doesnt go back to "normal", I'm not watching anymore.

  12. CorwinINaDSM

    So you're not going to address the frog in the room?


    i wanna know wtf was that square space visual at 17:33 . what did that have to do with square space?

  14. gedLi

    ID Cooling don't last long. Be very careful when buying this piece of junk.

  15. Denis Aljic

    240mm aio from coolermaster and it cools a 1600 at 3.9Ghz @ 1.375v @around 62c @ max CPU usage in game 50%. GTX1070 GPU usage 98%

  16. AlexTheTech

    8:57 was i the only one that tried to grab it?

  17. OriginalContentConnor

    11:21 linusvoicecracks

  18. Arjun Ve


  19. Dima Zeru

    Especially if you are doing a SFF build.

  20. AN Posen

    Linus finally goes in to voice mutation, another month or two and we'll see how his first facial hair grows

  21. Vedant Talekar

    Linus's voice was never manly before

  22. Mixed_dcKeyPHD

    What happened to Linus' voice,?

  23. alien

    Am i the only one who tried to save the case from falling through the screen???

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