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  1. Scotty Kilmer

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  2. Lawrence Fearon

    That's some real knowledge Scotty. M-B's was one of the earliest manufacturers of radar cruise control and parking, can't let it break my manhood.

  3. Jin Su

    save a condom

  4. ARednecksLife

    Got proof??

  5. ForbinColossus

    @6:06 so that's why people didn't travel in the olden days!

  6. Mike Nomad

    Should have titled it "Why new cars are bad for your hydraulics."


    Scotty I'm looking at a 2009 Toyota tundra with 90,000 miles for $15,000 I know the engine is bulletproof but my father said there was allot of recalls for that year Do you think it's a good buy?

  8. swingonthespiral

    Damn, those Acura Legends look amazing. I'm only 20 and even as a little kid I loved the look of 90s cars over early 2000s cars. I really like modern car designs a lot too, but man idk what people were thinking 15 years ago with body styles.

  9. swingonthespiral

    Scotty thank you for using the king of the hill pic.

  10. Dale Morgan

    At least I won't have to worry about having kids. Don't ever plan on having any anyways. Could not even imagine bringing kids into today's world.

  11. zhbvenkhoReload

    But it also affects women when you think about it because it's radiation.

  12. Mike Buchholz

    Clean non offensive comment

  13. Lith

    Ok but why are new cars bad for my health?

  14. lee shafer

    at 4:45 he describes the music business perfectly

  15. lee shafer

    save money and live better? stand in front of your car!

  16. Michael Newton

    Gonna need a citation on male infertility due to radar sensors in cars.

  17. Mulani Aleem

    Why you always wearing spandex? I know your crotch stinks.

  18. Snowy

    You don't need millions of views to make a living on youtube. If you have a good product, try Patreon and put out quality merch. (Mom of a Youtuber here)

  19. Kevin Delk

    So are the environmentalists goona complain are excessive radiation entering the environment lol.

  20. Luis Grados

    Next video: "here's the car that killed jfk"

  21. Ethan Adey

    Bad for your wallet

  22. jj shoot

    They will soon find out TESLA electric cars will do the same & also fry your blood as you sit on a bank of batteries (electric magnetic radiation) your blood & brain will eventually "cook* and you will lose your mind as well. ,,please do a Video on Tesla Electric dangers ..thanks

  23. Pod

    Why can't Honda and Toyota hook up to make a car with Honda engine and Toyota drive train :<

  24. Davin Peterson

    I know of a local body shop that keeps their building doors open when working on cars. If you paint a car, you must wear protective gear as they are painted in a closed/controlled environment. We do know that long term exposure to certain chemicals can cause cancer

  25. Davin Peterson

    Newer cars have dynamic radar cruise control and other sensors for pre-collision system

  26. Steven

    I don't want any kids…so no problem!

  27. Cryptonymicus

    There's evidence that heated car seats are bad for male fertility. And as for auto radar sensors, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Try looking up wifi, radio emissions, cell phone emissions, etc, etc. It's all "radiation."

  28. hairburger62

    Love ya Dude, your a goofy mo-fo!  Keep up the great segments!

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