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  1. multisphere1

    China has beautiful mountains!

  2. jamie foyers

    You'd better hope your suit doesn't get a rip in it or the journey will be slightly faster, deadly and more painful by its end. Worst nightmare scenario halfway down and you can't exactly get the sewing kit or the gaffer tape out can you?.

  3. Bill Johnson

    Look at those switchbacks…
    Crazy man

  4. 暖心公主

    Foreigners always control the population in strange ways

  5. Mikey Mike

    Cool, but no thanks!

  6. Barmherzig sein

    This is a self-centered sport with a higher mortality than being a test pilot, or a miner, etc. It is a sign of the fact that so many young people today do not expect to reach old age and don’t care.

  7. Xi jinping

    China. makes americans jealous since 1949.

  8. Graham Hart

    Would be nice to see view from the ground right under wherever their closest proximity to the ground was you know?

  9. Eric T Styles

    Adrenaline is like any other drug, eventually it will kill you.

  10. WindWipper

    Um, i want to see them land. You didn't show that part. And at the speed they're going how can they steer quickly enough to always avoid smashing head first into the side of a mountain…

  11. Khắc cảnh lê

    Flying squirrel suits.

  12. incognito

    Legends say they are still flying this day…

  13. Kaze

    Where's the best part? The landing or crashed?

  14. Damn Yankee’s Daughter

    Whom even made the wind suits didn’t have a sense of humor, I would have made them look like a flying squirrel 🐿

  15. Francis Madden

    Yes awesome . and the wing suit flier.

  16. Barney Fife

    That looks like fun!, but I would never have the nerve to do it.

  17. zstanojevic

    Why don't they buy Cobain instead? It's much cheaper and won't kill you as quick, that's for sure.

  18. Gcd St

    Wow, so many heris arrived in China .

  19. Moon Watch

    I don't believe any of these kinds of things are real, the movies have done it more convincingly ages ago, and irl I don't see how such a thing is that controllable that they don't mostly die doing it. Look at people who do their own movie stunts for example – easier than this, yet how many takes it takes to do it correct – plus they often get injured. And they are like highly trained in what they do.

  20. Paul Dooling



    annnnd >>> THE BRAVEST <<< *FOOLS …



    " WHO KNOWS " ….What is in store for the world …with this one coming up

    MONDAYS …are being taken to a New level Folks !

    " Your…jumping suits should be in by " NEXT WEEK " …


    "Start doin' some of those stretchin' exercises …NOW

    …and …

    " We…may …even see you arrive at the bottom of the > MOUNTAINS < "

  21. kcaj mortsnnew

    interesting landscape

  22. eq sun


  23. Happy Raccoon

    And for clean up only a small smudge spot remains

  24. Sunglass Shinpan

    Then they were arrested and their organs harvested!!

  25. CThienV

    Its funny how they wear helmets.

  26. CThienV

    Bolton does not approve. Strategy meeting ASAP!

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