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  1. Karma Wangchuk

    Chinka kiss my Tibetan ass 😛

  2. alan lee

    There is a lesson for all Xizang ethnic minorities (formerly called Tibetans) that 99.999% of the world's peoples believes that Xizang province is a part of China. The 2008 Beijing Olympics Games has been very, very successful and the Best in History. It made many billions of people in this world Happy. On the other hand, all those people who tried to disrupt the Beijing Olympics had been Unsuccessful and many are feeling ashamed about their cowardly actions now including Steven Spielberg.

  3. 加州频道Enchanted Moments TV

    the owner of slaves could never come back. stop play drama on the world.

  4. fluidin

    I can't see why all the Chinese are trying to seperate both issues. They want the pride of being able to host the Olympics, and a smooth relay. BUT, do they really deserve that if they cannot even take care of basic human rights first? If you do not take care of these contradictory issues first, you FUCKING DO NOT DESERVE to host the damned Olympics.

  5. Ozzy Wong


    declare independent !

  6. nanarchives

    Dalai Lama is a liar. Read the article written by an Indian, who should have no sympathy for China either. See how people think when they see the real modern tibet!
    Frontline: TIBET – A REALITY CHECK

  7. nanarchives

    N. RAM writes, after a five day visit to the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

    "The sky is turquoise, the sun is
    The Dalai Lama is away from the Potala,
    Making trouble in the west.
    Yet Tibet's on the move.''

    FOR an Indian in Tibet who has no sympathy whatsoever for the Dalai Lama's separatist, revanchist and backward-looking agenda, this passable adaptation of an old Tibetan song seems to fit contemporary realities.

  8. Chowdder

    Tibet has been part of China since 1700s during the Qing Dynasty. It was reacquired by the communist party after decentralization during WWI and the civil war with Kuomingtan. So in effect, Tibet has been part of China longer than America has been a country. Human rights can be an issue that will be dealt with in the future, but Tibet will not be an independent nation from China.

  9. mirageagle

    非常感謝藏毒, 全世界華人都統一愛國了:)

  10. Ian Vickery

    You're the fucking idiot!

  11. Ian Vickery

    Tibet protesters are ruining the peace and unity of the Olympics!

  12. rkharty

    uhg shush

  13. dhx3000

    Then Palestinians lost their country for 50 years and even 1000 years because they protest the God-will! Jews put Jesus on cross then they were in slave more than 1000 year. God-will should be respect otherwise will be punished! Paris will be punished because the mayor and president

  14. dhx3000

    That is why dalai is anti-god-will! Do you want to free tibet? when tibet is free then DaLai will fuck the humman's wife as sex slaves and produce more dalai terrorists. We humman in God's will should stand up before and destroy the Dalai Clique.

  15. dhx3000

    You know how many sex salves dalai have? the half of ten thousand which were the nuns fled to abroad fucked by Dalai. The tibetans abroad are the products of great dalai fucking work. These days united states of american has been cracking down these same religious organization in which one man has more than two hundred wifes. USA had done same task as China fifty years ago.

  16. dakarateboi

    Free Tibet!
    Pee on Olympic Beijing!
    Communists are always the LIARS. Communism has died in USSR. Communist Chinese are cheating their innocent Chinese people in occupying the adjacent countries in ASIA such as Tibet, Taiwan,North Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Burma, Laos. Stop your bloody hands on Tibetan now!

  17. coongnoo

    Communist killed 100 million people. The world hates communists. Chinese children are brainwashed to know nothing about that. Excep the fallacy of Ignorance.
    If evil such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, HCM, and other communists come to you and say they are good now, they promise never do bad act, never kill any one. Please doubt about it because their evil nature may return at any time.
    It is the same as where tsunami, earthquake, flood had destroyed everything, it will happen again

  18. coongnoo

    Little, Midle, Big tyrants are supported by one Super-Tyrant. Super-Tyrant survive because it is smart enough to buy/paralyze other governments, other big organization.
    Unfortunately for China, this is the war of non-government people around the world fight against the last super-tyrant, the giant brutal communist. If the World can beat down this monster, all other problem surely be resolved: Burma, Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, North Korea, Iran, Palestine, Cuba Africa, Darfur, Mekong River, Oil

  19. dhx3000

    The Torch is coming from God, when your country and people welcome the Torch peacefully your country and their people will get the bless from GOD. But DaLai Lama is anti-GOD, don't trust him!

  20. RaisingConsciousness77

    I appreciate your courage for shooting this video and further exposing the conflict about Tibet.

  21. Zydar C.

    good lord, were the protests in Greece THAT bad?!!

  22. APandBS

    Ask yourself WHY? WHY did so much of the UK news focus on Tibet and not our 10p in the pound Tax cut making poorer people suffer. WHY did so much of the US media focus on Tibet when their own country dove into recession because of unscrupulous bankers and the war in IRAQ?? WHY did CNN and German media crop images of the riots to make it seem there was more brutality from china.

  23. APandBS

    Well, well Opinion23 what have you done except critise me? you make lots of assumptions about me alot of useless comments eg "I am very sorry to read that you are one of many people who don't have feelings or opinion based on yourself & your perhaps heart (if you happen to posses such thing)" I am beginning to think you are just a 12yo kid talking sh*t. you have stated no viewpoint (I guess you are pro-Tibet) why not take a balanced view, this is all I have done man.

  24. APandBS

    Opinion23 you signed up for Youtube specially?
    Well what did you reply? some assumptions about my past, have we met? Alot of condescending remarks. And yet not one answer to my comments. Talk about narrow horizons… look within yourself my friend.

  25. y jiao

    stupid people, they can not change anything.

  26. 魏益铎

    stupid tibetan. what will it be without the shield of a big country? one of the poorest "country" in the world?

  27. APandBS

    Tibetans like to say the riots were targeted against the "colonising" Han chinese, however the majority of damage was against Muslim Hui minority. Innocent Chinese people were killed by rioters but it is writen in with the supposed 100 that were killed by the police/army. Where is the evidence for this further killing no-one can tell me, but they keep shouting this number as if it means something…well I guess now it does, a non-substanciated claim has become fact, very 9/11 isn't it?

  28. APandBS

    Can you give the evidence that China is killing so many Tibetans? Why would it do this in the first place when it trys so hard to keep it as China? Do you deny the minority race benefit paid to Tibetans by the government? what about the free education?
    Take a look at pictures from under Dalai Lama's era and now. The difference is a clean modern country. This situation has blown out of control due to western governments agenda's. Do Tibetans really want to be their pawns against communism?

  29. APandBS

    Firstly, I'm not Chinese, I'm English.
    Secondly, I am a second year University student reading Asia-Pacific Studies. There my friend, out of the well, right?
    China has done harm in Tibet, I agree, but it is not the sole perpetrator. What about Britain, Russia even the US?
    Why single out China? Just because of the Olympics and because the Dalai Lama has been a pawn of the west since he was a boy wondering at Western inventions. Also what is so special about Tibet? what about East Timor? Nepal?

  30. petezilla2k

    the person who film this didnt have a clue and a complete dumass

  31. petezilla2k

    what the fuck greece do. Shame on you for being a complete dumass

  32. theboyuan0jcfan

    "An act of cowardice that is in sharp contrast to the courage of the athletes of the Olympic Games."-Bill Clinton

  33. theboyuan0jcfan

    What a blasphemy to Olympia, to Greece, to Apollo, to Zeus, to Athena, to Hera, to IOC, to Rogge, to Samaranch, to the president and premier of Greece, to Greeks, to the Greek civilisation, to China, to 1.3 billion Chinese people, to BOCOG, to Liu Qi, to Beijing, to the 5000 years old Chinese civilisation, to Olympic euthanasias, to the torch bearers, to the athletes of both ancient and modern Olympics.

  34. Rhines Yue

    I am a Han chinese, and i think the answer to your question is:
    the government don't want han-chinese to know that not few tibetans hate han and want them out. The hate between folks could be harmful and leads to intense collision.

  35. BDotBoom

    The Chinese media is worse than ours. We have access to their news if we want, but they don' have access to ours. Last I heard they were still black screening all related news reports and maintaining internet blocks. I know which bias I would prefer. Plus, since we're awear of it we can search for other views. The Chinese people can't.

  36. BDotBoom

    Of course our media is biased – even without your points, China wasn't giving us any information, but the Gov-In-Exile was. That would be one-sided. The media takes whatever it can get it's hands on. BUT, if they had of been giving info it would have been reported. It probably would have still had a biased edge, but it would be there. And look and the journalists they just let in, there wouldn't have been any interviews with monks if they hadn't stormed the press conference.

  37. APandBS

    BDotBoom, I thought i replied to your comment but it has not appeared, I apologise if it does later. The plain clothes [tracksuit] police were restraining a protester who ran at the vans, see the look of fear on the crowds face? they reacted admirable, what if he were someone more sinister?
    Anyway, we do have a biased media which harkens back to Cold War McCarthy era reportage of the Evil Reds. China has far advanced & is amazingly modern in places though is a huge country with huge population

  38. Stanzin Tsephel

    I live on tibet border and i share same history as Tibet …..thousand of tibet flee to my home town….we have preserved hundreds of histroy book written by chinese (not this govt), local, and so on..lastly, i also larned from the books recovered from Tunhang cave (which was discovered recentlt, buried for 1000 of yrs)…need more ?

  39. BDotBoom

    I couldn't understand the speaker – who was beating up the guy? Security?

    I keep hearing we don't know what's really going on, we have a biased view, China is good to the Tibetans, etc, but if that's true why are they censoring thier own people from youtube and google? Why are they kicking out all international reporters and foreigners? If China has nothing to hide then it shouldn't be trying to.

  40. Sandy Fang

    nerchung, to answer your question, I am from China and I used to have classmates from Tibet. Now it's my turn to ask you question, where did you gain your knowledge of Tibet from? Novel? Western medias which dislike China? Have you ever been to Tibet? Did you ever talk to local Tibetan people? Please note, Tibet activists and local Tibetan people are quite different and activists cannot stand for all Titetan people.

  41. Sandy Fang

    nerchung, to answer your question, I am from China and I used to have classmates from Tibet. Now it's my turn to ask you question, where did you gain your knowledge of Tibet from? Novel? Western medias which dislike China? Have you ever been to Tibet? Did you ever talk to local Tibetan people? Please note, Tibet activists and local Tibetan people are quite different and activists cannot stand for all Titetan people.

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