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  1. Visicks

    Follow the Spotify playlist to find all these songs & more: https://lnk.to/tik-tok

  2. justin deloach

    8:56 Is actually Oreo by Shotgun Willy 😂

  3. Kimberley Vogelzang

    1:40 what have she in her mouth? Is that what i think it is? 🕷

  4. Dovile Daskevic

    Who else laughed at 06:34

    No…just me😅😕

  5. Redlovett

    3:32, Ah… I see a love you 3000.

  6. Sophia Beatriz Alana

    "Yo i got a cat with cheese on it"

  7. Cami Takamine

    7:28 my favourite!

  8. occasional otaku


    teens who’ve clearly never dated before :
    *sends paragraph of “i love you” and emojis of spam*

  9. Bwomp

    What’s the song with the 7 yr old saying u ur momma and ur kids

  10. occasional otaku

    spotify playlist ready yourself.

  11. phenyx lynn

    8:55 is oreo by shotgun willy

  12. Jaylen Taylor

    8:57 the real song is Oreo by shotgun Willy

  13. Grav_Racc

    8:56 is Oreo by Shotgun Willy and Yung Craka

  14. Abby Venable

    Him : if you're in these months your dumby thicc
    Me: slaps my thigh, um no your mistaken 😂

  15. worthless human

    The 1dt one should khs kick her socks

  16. Juleah Cephus

    If you know River by Bishop Briggs you are a ok 👌🏽

  17. oK cLaN

    8:56 is oreo by yung craka

  18. Alex Hayden

    Don’t worry be happy is actually Oreo in case anybody wanted to know

  19. Unicorn curry

    8:33 And with this tik tok, racism finally ended.

  20. inSane_giRl 33


  21. Bigbunbuns With a side of Ali a

    Is it just me that the song got muted

  22. MomoShuri :3

    Damn. The dude got his video deleted and he had to mute a song. Dammit youtube.

  23. Anonymous


  24. krystal

    Me, every second of my life: 1:35

  25. XxHolliex X

    I Sang That Gunga Ginga Song In Class When My Teacher Went To The Toilet, I Stood On My Chair And Started Do Sing It, Then The Kid Who Like Is Just I Guess Like.. Boring? He Just Doesn't Talk, He Is A Swat, Anyways, He Looked At Me And Said Hahahahah F**k You!

    ( R.I.P The Class Clown 2004-2019 )

  26. FlipaClip Animation By Aryssa

    The first one cringe me out

  27. Lyla Rose Coppola

    OMG ITS ME 9:50

  28. sonic fan 18


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