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  1. M o o n l i g h t S K Y

    Why does this give me nostalgia lol

  2. Finn45zx8 the fox Fnaf


  3. Lol mandude

    Can not believe america hated this before until they say ness in smash bros lol

  4. ghoststori

    The feels

  5. Sannidhya Desai

    I listen to AlterniaBound, and this, and my ears spasm from amazingness

  6. Space Lizard

    Man, I sure do love seeing a billion fuckin cool guys talking about how cool and great they are for not liking undertale.

  7. Chef Ness

    Rated m for my head is explode from undurtail

  8. CEO MGlizzy

    I love this theme

  9. TB

    I have never played earthbound or any mother game but this theme makes me nut

  10. The random show

    The moment I wake up
    (Song plays)

  11. gunswordfist

    This music sums up how I feel about how excellent Nintendo's SNES era production  values were.

  12. KatsuYT


  13. Link Opening a Chest Backwards


  14. KB KB

    There's something about this song that summarizes Earthbound so well, I think – it's upbeat, but eerily so; it's fun, but in a way that still manages to convey something otherwordly and dangerous. Brilliant piece of music!

  15. Forgotten Snake Ball


  16. Ryan Ventura

    0:000:14 Best part

  17. Robo Spongie

    And in that moment i thought this game is gonna be so damn good

    and that was damn true

  18. JoelHunter: The LQT Squad

    the ultimate 14 seconds of adventure!

  19. zoidbergswhoop

    This track, as short as it may be, always gives me instant power!

  20. superlokendo

    Such a great track…. only 15 seconds long….

  21. BizerkPixel

    Programming the Oblique perspective tiles (45 Degree View) is pain in the butt to program in the game, so I commend the developers' efforts in doing so. It gives the game a personality unlike any other.

  22. guap

    Rated T for Giygas

  23. Evan Schick

    Violence, crude humor.

  24. Jaleidoskope

    ohhhhhhhhh man, this music <3<3<3<3<33<<<<3<<3

  25. Tinkeroftime

    The beginning of it all *o*

  26. SkydivisionX

    ;o; Love this series.

  27. Acii

    This is my ringtone,

  28. Austin Hogue

    Best Game EVER

  29. John Andonuts

    And Itoi saw his creation, and said it was good.

  30. MyBojo123

    This theme brings back good old childhood memories… until giygas fucked them up at the end

  31. RashadZ

    Well i agree but, K-A stands for Kids to alduts

  32. TeRRoRx503

    This is my alarm, I hear it just before I wake and bake.

  33. spike007980

    It's like living in your gym shoes…

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