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  1. Sebastian Romanowski



    Concealed carry is a great idea. And any who doesn't think so is probably person who enjoys being a victim.

  3. JCruzify1

    Maga hat made in China. Now this.

  4. NickTheGreatAndPowerful

    Exploiting stupid people's blind jingoism with overpriced star-spangled crap made by Chinese wage slaves is peak capitalism.

  5. emmanuel barnes

    Red white and blue the new gang colors

  6. Margaret Worth

    Oh my god she is one ugly fucking bitch put a plastic bag over her head and pull it very very tight please

  7. SGuy OuttaNoWhere

    Your Yoga partner breathes too hard while doing the squatting dog? Take out your piece and deal with the situation! It’s because they know their followers are stupid.

  8. John Nolen

    Isn't there something that's says that using the flag in that form is treasonous……? How patriotic is that

  9. Tom Underwood

    Maybe if she let me ball gag & bang the hell out of her the ball gag is so she don't talk & ruin it 😂

  10. C. S. G

    Tomi "half ass barbie" larhen….is the dumbest Republican't mouthpiece there is!

  11. DragonAlchemist0

    So american.

  12. Mark Rayes

    wow so your telling me a Republican windbag that's criticizing companies for doing business in china… while she is doing the same 😂😂 talk about being a hypocrite she was also spewing at the same Bs that chump is so maybe she should put her money where here mouth is and make her ridiculous clothes here in America

  13. Chris James

    Jesus fucking wept are they lined with fucking gold???


    A hammer hanging out😂😂

  15. A KNIGHT

    Right wing Politicians,u -tubers,
    churches,hate groups ect all are
    riding the racist,bigoted WAVE while its lasting and cashing in
    from these hateful mind fuck ideots thanks C.I.A. F.B.O.I.and a bigoted congress, who's given corporate top positions $$$$$$

  16. Patricia Hopey

    It canit be an American product line since it was made in China it is an Asian product. How to look good and still carry a piece while exercising
    Only available in blood red colour and sold after each and every catastrophic bloodbath; esp for local school,bar,sport,Wal-Mart,
    Proudly endorsed by your NRA. 3cheers from Canada

  17. John Payne

    Is there a white sheet with eye holes cut in range as well

  18. janice carter

    Another Kelly conway too stupid to address.

  19. Mark H

    Communist clothing? For Americans? Lol!!!

  20. Gary Wesley

    What’s new, the right holds everyone else to a higher standard then themselves. Trump and this child are unpatriotic while everyone else should have their products made in the good ole U.S of A, while they have their products made in sweat shops in third world countries And China just to make more of a profit, hypocrites

  21. Algie Evan DeWitt V

    Capitalism at its finest. Remember folks… Capitalists don't care what so ever where they get wealth from, just that they get it. Only those that think outside of that mentality have any reason or perogative to care about such things.

  22. Thumper

    I'm a conservative republican and she lost my respect, first after her double talk about being anti abortion then pro choice on the view. Now this.

  23. Petey Pablo

    White trash ignorant, racist magatards are gonna love this line of clothing

  24. picoaga

    A fucking sweater for $69?????

  25. Lady V

    She has a clothing line? No thanks.

  26. Mitchelli Williams

    Clothing for dumb asses its against the flag code to wear the flag. Go America until it comes to all mighty dollar then it's go made in China.

  27. angelo parker

    Buddy, I like what you're doing, but I don't understand why don't the Democrats drag these Republicans talk about how patriotic they supposed to be.
    1. Don't take a knee it's not patriotic
    2. I'm proud to be American I'm patriotic
    3. Armed forces and First Responders are patriotic
    4. Hello China I need a thousand t-shirts and by the way I'm patriotic

  28. -IronThreads- -

    If Tomi Lahren met Trump in a private room, she'd suck his little mushroom dick so hard he'd think he's Super Mario…and that doesn't even make sense.

  29. lnapjr76

    Work out clothing for idiots.

  30. Samantha Peters

    People shouldn't be wearing the flag.

  31. John David

    Well, it's also where all the maga hats are made…making China great again.

  32. SteakJuice

    I knew it! All that "I'm for freedom and America and the 2nd amendment" stuff she kept spouting in her commercial for that clothing line AND I KNEW that it was not going to be made in America! Oh, I hope someone shows the labels to these clothes so she can be called out for the hypocrisy in it all!

  33. Tomas Kuli

    How does she feel about this trump tariffs on China? Irony escape her?

  34. Luan P. Hasnay


  35. Frank Winkhorst

    The Chinese even make Confederate flags. Now that is about as ironic as you can get. "The Chinese will not replace us!"

  36. Reischa Parker

    What a joke. Tammi sucks.

  37. Paul Fennel

    Make America Great Again. Have everything made in China and sell it to people in the United States. Let's make China Great Again.

  38. Pookie Redz

    She'll say she thought they were made in amerikkka 🤥

  39. Gary Clouse

    Personal defense tools like …. I dunno … uhhh… GRENADES!!!!!

  40. Ama Kinati

    Shut up and cheerlead.

  41. The Terrestrial

    LMAO She was probably "made" in China too by men who were blind and deaf,but rich

  42. E Laurole

    Lol…she's like that KKK dude who got caught wearing FUBU 😂

  43. Vincent Vegas

    American do not produce anything anymore . America is a consumer society. Slaves work work in China,India for little or nothing and anti slavery America consumes their the product of the slaves . Unfortunately this is not a question of North and south. American should stop buying things that could be produced in America . It's too expensive to feed and clothes yourself in America. Or. Is it

  44. tonycodolo

    Can you even try to imagine the chit chat in the factory in China where they are made. A lot of head shaking at holsters in yoga pants. Man you could not script this sh$t.

  45. socomsfinest 1

    I am a progressive. I will make now make t shirts that say lock her up t shirts and clothing and push them onto moronic trumptards. …lol viva la right. I might give proceeds to immigrants for lawyer.

  46. Chet Simmons

    How is it republicans hate China so much, but have no problem doing business with them to save a buck? Then call China anti american. Do you smell hypocrites?

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