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  1. TOP Music

    Top Songs 2020 – Billboard Hot 100 Songs 2020 – Best Pop Music Playlist 2020

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  2. Alyssa Christian

    Who is listening in 2020

  3. Osmar Pellegrini Jr

    Beautiful collection. I don't care if its the original or not. Thank you TOP music

  4. Louise Firinga

    I like a pop

  5. Chris Gray

    All are selected song of among

  6. Lacie Sainty

    OMG I love these songs🥳🥳

  7. Pinkyplayz is hORiiBLEee


  8. Valeria Zavala

    I love justin bieber

  9. Valeria Zavala

    I like girls like u more

  10. Mohammed Kanjou


  11. Tammy Hayden

    You put I'm a mess tow time's

  12. My life with 9 children


  13. Robin Park

    Best songs ever !!!

  14. SkyLine Squad

    I wished the creator used the real music video by the real artist just a suggestion

  15. Ella Nauseda

    Og.mjidr5nbyufmvru that hgh5grum

  16. Brooke Nauseda


  17. chlo and skye

    Hi love this always keeps me occupied when doing boring stuff

  18. Aaniyah Moore


  19. Mehlmil Beatboxing

    random recommended i hate radio

  20. Emma Johnson

    hi im kinda early

  21. Drazan Pesa


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