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  1. Jonathan Aaron

    Im like tf2

  2. 小毛500

    i like Tf2

  3. Mj Gaming

    Scout: puts up a reasonable argument
    Tracer: your old and you have small muscles

  4. Robert Tsubota

    Course team fortress two is going to win said it was the first better game than our games besides fortnight fortnight dead boys

  5. Braeden Velasco


  6. edward mikiji

    at least my but didn't start a conve… did u say it wrong btw it was the best line for me xD

  7. M. T. F.

    Heavy win

  8. konaroslov


  9. Xn Trix

    TF2 is the better then overwatch

  10. Morgan Lake

    I think it would be cool if Zarya and Heavy had a rap battle, but they were on the same side against Demoman and junkrat.

  11. Zayden Kimble

    It is a nuke

  12. Zayden Kimble

    I like the both of them

  13. Johann Vazquez

    Tf2 is the best

  14. Cristy Baroni


  15. Ryan Wintery


  16. Galaxy Wolf Gaming

    Secretly Scout likes Tracer

  17. green grape


  18. Borealis

    Gordon Freeman: Dafuq is place?

  19. Colorful Squares

    Tracer is an amazing person in my life

  20. Sarah Harrell

    Yaaaaa go traser!!

  21. Hassan Ashraf

    scout won

    nough said

  22. Yasser Bayounis

    Team overwatch

  23. Aironn Garcia

    Scout won

  24. Raider King

    Team fortress is better it’s my opinion leave me alone


    Can we get a 2019 remake?

  26. xXFieryreaperxX 69

    Tracer can teleport scout laughs in hitscan

  27. Aurora Seahope

    scout is scary XD so i think Tracer won this time

  28. Danica Willmon


  29. Greenie

    I’m really torn between the two, I love both games, both classes, and they are my two mains. So tie I guess:/

  30. AngrySquid29

    Go Tracer!!

  31. laura denisha


  32. Cenk KİLİNÇ

    Make Medic vs Mercy Rap Battle Animation

  33. Dezmond Miller

    I love it if you are in the song

  34. Melissa Lerro

    "You hit like a girl"
    Thinks of the MCU

  35. Black Knight

    Who won like scout comment tracer

  36. Rylan hemmings

    Team scout:👇

  37. Gabe The trashBag

    2017: normal song
    2019: extreme nostalgia!

  38. Dillon King

    Dang,the scout won badly

  39. Michael Mck

    Scout def won bro tracer sucks

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