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  1. Trap Nation

    Have a great week guys!

    Tracklist: http://bit.ly/trap2019mix

  2. ItsyaG

    loving the new visuals

  3. Coopex

    Thanks for the feature Trap Nation, love your rebrand 😀 ! <3

  4. Cvety Svetlanova The gaming


  5. Sky Line RLX

    What song 10 min?

  6. Mud Wolves ATV TEAM

    Nice 👌👌‼️😃😎

  7. Cupcake Editz

    Where can i get the first song?

  8. -Trophy-_- -_-Hunter-

    The 1st one is soo lit love it <33333

  9. 엑스쿠마

    1:16:29 KLOUD 🔥

  10. NHL-M Vlogs

    I need track list for video

  11. NotJosあ

    My lizard🦎heard this and now he is a crocodile🐊

  12. Evil Hunter Minecraft and vlogs

    The visuals look pretty good in inverted colors, too!

  13. LC TV

    Well rip this channel 2019
    The views are going low

  14. Rosnani Jaafar

    I go to my school and open this song

  15. Aaliyah Washington

    atleast bring the helicopter back

  16. Axel Aranha


  17. Ruslan Taran

    Спасибо что нет рекламы, и за вашу работу Огромное спасибо…

  18. BleedABeach

    I'm really starting to like the new banner, its grown on me

  19. The Fighter In Gacha

    OOF THAT MAKES ME SO EXCITED!!!!!! Trap nation you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Taffari

    Very nice Mix. And the transitions are so damn good

  21. Callahan Moreland

    What's the song from 14:1316:43?

  22. Ash Lost

    This is freaking awesome!!! Full experience of the epic music

  23. Влад Фролов

    Кто русский?

  24. marco R

    i miss the old trap logo :C

  25. FSI Cdq79

    Trap nation is just droping The Best drops evey 24 hours

  26. BayRox

    Why im unable to feel the music with this new visualiser

  27. Brian H

    Ew. Why do you put "best" in the name? It's like you think I'm too dumb to form my own opinion.

  28. Maximino Avila

    Conozco a trap nation desde que saco el remix de movimiento naranja, me encanta como ah subido de calidad y mejores videos te quiero trap nation ❤️

  29. Gameplay Tomo SK

    first song ? please

  30. Sandy Holmes

    i kinda digging the new logo.

    plus the transition.. it makes me(noticed) remember that im a young adult now instead of teenager(when the channel still using the old one)


    AMAZING 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏👏👏👏🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💜💜💜💜

  32. The Projects

    Best Gaming Trap Music Mix of 2019

    Enjoy your weekend

    You can see all the song provide by Trap Nation, Pinned Comment

  33. Рандомный

    What's the first song?

  34. мистер мечтатель


  35. LŪC4S G4M3R

    CADÊ OS BR'S POHAA??? …… 😉😎👇🏿👇🏻🔴

  36. ADUBZ

    found the track list

  37. KAGE eSports

    Is that on spotify?

  38. Trap Queen

    If new visuals can do 1 hour long mixes like this, THEN I LOVE THE NEW VISUALS! GIMME MORE OF THIS!

  39. I FOX

    Who wa5ched the whole vid

  40. Filiz Ozmen

    Confused, 27.4 million subs and only 100k views on the first day of uploading.

  41. lkcsmarcell

    Petition to change Back to the old visualizer

    EDIT : Your views are really descending

  42. Aditya Tiwari

    Starting to like the new logo…..

  43. Ryan

    Does anyone know where the random guy that posts the name and time of the songs is? 🤷‍♂️

  44. BGP Harmony

    Hey, I’m a French 16 years old guy dreaming about becoming a successful artist! I ask anyone here if you could give your opinion or advice on my tracks as it would mean a lot. I want to succeed in this and I’m just asking for your help! ♥️

    BGP Harmony ♪

  45. White Eagle Music Network

    Stunning music session !!! 😎💯🔥

  46. Johnny Stix

    I gana miss old logo

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