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  1. geraldine g

    wow holly annaeree looks very ugly here!

  2. jadedjtl lml

    Hollyannaeree looks like a HOE!

  3. ThoughtsOfaSadCloud

    seeing hollyannaeree in this video makes me feel like i've been catfished

  4. Contra Corrupção

    Sturridge Aprovves!

  5. africanondeck

    go to my page and listen to P DIGGA. HE GOT FLOWS!

  6. Richard Löwenherz

    50 Cent the King fucked your ass up!

  7. blah350

    who is holly???

  8. Majin Morris

    The beat and the hook is fye.. THIS guy fucking sucks!

  9. Majin Morris

    The beat and the hook is fye.. THIS guy fucking sucks!

  10. Nomikz

    check out my cover of this song on my channel! 🙂

  11. Latasha James


  12. Raylana

    hahaha well I guess she is trashy and ugly too

  13. Raylana

    Wow she is so ugly

  14. Monsta Meik

    dis beat is tuff [ ~_~ ]

  15. OnlyGoodMusic

    his eyes

  16. TheGlam Mam

    OMG buncha friggin haterrrzzzz!

  17. ksean brinson

    The red angel is watching over you disrespect anybody you want (layzzi)wsm

  18. BIg Boss


  19. pippa jara chukni

    wow, that chinese chick is UUUUGGGLLY

  20. sscheckerrs

    what the fuck is that weird lip bite at 3:12 ?

  21. Naara Arroyo

    Hahahahahahaha OMG I am so weak right now…brilliant.

  22. Naara Arroyo

    LOL SHES RUDE AF who wouldve †hought….unsubbing…. 😮

  23. gary shelley

    the grl at the beginning in the car ridin w trav is my old friend meena but im not friends w her anymore for personal reasons

  24. gary shelley

    ur right shes ok kinda hot but ive known her a long time

  25. J Veasey

    Awesome job Holly. A gross wannabe rapper and his skanky as fuck bottom bitch chose you out of all the other sluts to go home and get a std. Was this video also sponsered by jewelmint?

  26. RedLight167

    Nice Clubbanger

  27. iCookiez415

    Holy crap I didn't know Holly was all this. O_O

  28. nibblesxsips

    eww holly looks gross

  29. clothesminded

    unclassy af. just like her. Arrogant and ignorant. Makes me LOL.

  30. Shelby Ng

    Holly looks super trashy here

  31. Laury Tan

    wow holly…i never knew…

  32. MorrocanZween

    I've worked in rap music video sets productions before and I can tell you that those Lamborghini's, Ferraris etc. GO RIGHT BACK TO THE DEALERSHIP THEY CAME FROM, the so called up and coming ''high rolling rappers'' take their regular cars home after the shoot is done lol don't believe all you see, rap videos are like a commercial for cars, alcohol and basically a lifestyle!

  33. Ivan Cardoso


  34. charles chu

    whoa. Holly looks BANGED up and fugly!

  35. DisIsDwSOmE1CoOl

    lool nah

  36. whoaitsmylene

    HOLLY WHYYY?? this has NO class

  37. dblAbatpak

    okay, so this is what I got from the video, this guy and his girlfriend are at the club looking for someone to participate in a threesome. his girlfriend keeps turning down the "hot girls" and says yes to Holly because his girlfriend knows for a fact she is hotter than her, therefore feeling more secure about the threesome.

  38. BellaLove

    Actually it is, she had once mentioned about her being in the music video and seemed proud of it until people starting complaining to her…

  39. TaddBeta

    this comment was made by a jamaican am i right?

  40. Katie Dunn

    Im pretty sure thats not even holly. Also of Asian women look the same

  41. CatTieen


  42. Keely Isabelle

    lmfao! can't stop laughing at holly. How embarrassing!!

  43. ashley chloe

    Wow who gives a shit

  44. HitStep08

    wowwww…. she knows how to work her angles in her video because she looks terrible here…

  45. g0dzgrace

    I feel like this guy would've done way better on a show like All That. as in as someone to laugh at

  46. poptart

    holly be looking hella grimy and whatnot. YUCK.

  47. poptart

    lol don't be sorry. she's disgusting, period.

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