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  1. aaron gb

    Reúnansen los latinos que escuchamos este temazo

  2. Creeper

    Why does 1:15 sound so good?

  3. dorion james


  4. Jayamalakar Das

    Travis is no. 1 in using multiple effects.

  5. xd

    oh shit, hew here go again

  6. Amel Faiche

    جيش القافلة انتم هنا ؟؟

  7. Alen Usain

    I am the highest in Bus amk

  8. farouk touhami

    #القافلة 😂😂😂😂😛

  9. Shreyas N

    Madlad actually said the outro is just for the 'vibe' on genius. Lol

  10. GG 919

    كوبي رايت😂😂

  11. can kuloğlu


  12. JAP

    All about travis mouth

  13. Fedja X

    Patrick ich gratuliere, du bist einer der größten Hurenkinder. Aber es gibt noch ein größeren…

  14. Søren

    Come give me strenght!!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm3qZlODCGY54o5aqDD2cdA

  15. syrism

    soooo since he put a figure in the clouds but there are other ones does that mean that Travis is concluding that other people connect when high

  16. Black snail

    Make me highest in the comments

  17. KissOfTheGrimm

    When you think music videos can't get any weirder…. addicted to this song off the beat alone.

  18. KT_722

    Im scared hes gonna get cancer in his lungs one grows up or die when hes less than 50 ppl that smoke too much that happens

  19. PLiCe

    Demt the good song

  20. Nikos Tsikouroglou

    Pollizos is better title

  21. Life of Akiera Oneal

    Love this video❤️

  22. Badz Nemo

    So nice 👍💨

  23. SuperJrich


  24. ツNevermore

    This song really made it into GTA somehow

  25. moldy cheese

    mom:Are you still fasting?
    me: 16:00

  26. Natan Oliveira MDC


  27. hossam khater

    عاش يا بابلو استمر ✋✋✋⁦

  28. Bruno Oronii

    Eu nasci pra ouvir isso <3 PRIVILÉGIO

  29. Derrick Tran

    The power rangers got more action than this music video

  30. A Fox Named West

    now this is visuals

  31. Fletcher Mcavan

    Travis lay off of the drugs man we can’t lose you

  32. T M

    Muito foda Travis Scott

  33. Ahmed Samir

    وين القافلة 🐪

  34. WhyYouMadBoY9999

    GTA V

  35. Mauricio Vidal


  36. Cook

    Kinda wanna live in the music video world

  37. Никита Павлов


  38. valtteriii

    Indian version is much better

  39. Lewis ZeroOneSixOne

    I’m here because of GTA5 👌🏻

  40. vicious

    This gotta be 1 of the best songs to drop in the past year 🔥🔥🔥

  41. sharifa BLINK&Moon

    مين جا عشان باري تيوب😂✋😂🌚🌚🖤🐫🐪

  42. skhan924

    I really like the beginning of the song

  43. john lane

    Fuck yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  44. Erik Felicijan


  45. Diamond Legend

    Travis put on a new song

  46. Black Burn

    Gorgeous baby keep me hard as…steel???!!!!

  47. Jakerius riley

    who else thought kendrick lamar was sayin the stuff in the background at the end

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