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  1. Olympus 61

    Millions of comments regarding trump the idiot , but what can an average dude do to help rid our country of this pestilence?

  2. Craig Roach

    4:23 yessssss tons of coworkers/old roommates was like that, I just didn’t interact with them and when they spoke I took every word with a grain of salt and I wouldn’t ask follow up questions to their lies and stories. You could tell all those people wanted was an audience

  3. doobiewah357

    China called Trump's people, you ignorant liberal scumbags. They're in constant negotiations ! lol

  4. Steve Bowden

    Flagrant Microphone Abuse @05:30

  5. originalhgc

    FYI $1,200 glasses are very much a thing.

  6. Samwise Galenorn

    tRump: This statement is false.

  7. Sitou Dien

    Xi and I are great friends. Really close. I call him all the time. Melania and Mrs Xi are fabulous. I know him really well. It's great!
    Same speech just switch names to Putin, Kim, Trudeau, Johnson, your name here.

  8. Ian Barkham

    Perhaps China was the name of the latest "Lady of Negotiable Virtue"?

  9. aaronsande

    Just fucking lie and lie and lie.

  10. Sebastian G.

    Wait glasses CAN cost 1200 dollars.

  11. Marky E

    Hey, Who are we to say that Kim-Jong Nutbar tipping Melania on X-Cams isn't a relationship?😋

  12. Habit From The Lot

    On your mic punching – why dont you use a lavalier mic? aka the talk-show-clip-on – they're cheap, the fidelity in vocal frequencies is great, they naturally roll off subtle bass (big difference on surround systems), you can easily place a mid-size boom above you to make up for what small amount of coverage gets lost with the size… just a suggestion.

  13. only half bad 333

    trump supporters:
    I like trump because he's not a politician! He doesn't lie. He says it like it is!

    Also trump supporters:
    It's whatsevers. All politicians lie. Its ok.

    trump supporters have really, really low standards for a leader.

  14. LovinLife

    Lying has made Trump million and got him the White House, so I'm not surprise Trump is doubling down on his lies.

  15. hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub

    They don't like their bragging being ignored but they don't intentionally lie to get called out on it. They're just dumb and brazen enough to think no one will see they're lying.

  16. Mark Rayes

    😂😂 I F!CKEN KNEW IT AND I HAVE THE SS TO PROVE IT!!! (unedited Fb and Twitter posts)
    chump is such a lying windbag that if a conversation does happen the other party actually has to confirm it if it's true which so far has only been about 3 incidents.

    what's funny is a trumptard has been commenting in several videos that China confirmed calling him back while providing no proof😂😂 but you can tell it was a lie when chump claimed that "china called back being desperate" China is taking a hit from this trade war but it doesn't compare to the hits we are taking

  17. bones007able

    Trump supporters…. you believe China over our President?? how dare you … Trump spews the best trash of anyone and don't you forget it…China can hold out until the election and Trump knows it…china is busy making deals all over the world while trump flails around ….

  18. MF camp

    Maybe he was pranked

  19. BudVision

    You’re a fag.

  20. William Cruz


  21. Derrick Bentham

    That is exactly the approach we need. The only productive way to deal with these sorts of people is to basically ignore them.

  22. Jaime Thomas

    He lies all the time like Pinocho.

  23. Pierre Bibeau

    It was to be expected that Trump was lying. China has the hupper hand over the USA.

  24. The Dude

    Chinese official public statement: "Sure, we're down to talk."
    Trump: "China called and said their economy is about to collapse because we're winning so hard and that they don't know what they were thinking and said I'm the greatest negotiator of all time and Obama was the weakest president ever and they can't believe how big my hands are and Putin is the best."
    China official public statement: "Uh, what?"

  25. WaitingToFade

    My glasses also cost about $10,000. Actually, it was 10,000 元, lol!

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