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  1. Gehteuch Nixan

    Setting up a way out.

  2. Seymore Clearly

    Fox "news" is psychotic, nothing more than a propaganda machine for the GOP, who've sold their souls for Russian mob money. Don't believe me? Moscow Mitch sold Kentucky to them.

  3. Neko Mata

    We have a saying in Spanish that says "mala hierba nunca muere", which basically means "bad plants (weeds?) don't die"

  4. JEiowan

    I don’t really know how to process this any more. I never thought when I was a child that the story “the emperor’s new clothes” would be so real in our lives. Ahhh, well I just sit, watch the processions, and vote.

  5. CandidlyOpinionated

    Media labels obese president a “super human”

    ….what’s next the Trump food pyramid?

    Other Fast Foods
    Imported Rich People Food like Caviar

  6. Aamna Here

    There is no way a man who eats junk all day every day can have more energy than all his White House employees.

  7. Jo Mane

    Plz just die

  8. Miss Amazon

    0:45 I've watched numerous "deception" videos where the murderer says…" I didn't do it" while nodding his head?……here, Shipero is shaking her head emphatically as she says "he's almost superhuman"!! The lady im blue actually laughs as she delivers her line, knowing how ridiculas she sounds!! Dead give away, ladies!! The only person you disappoint with your lies….is Malania!! 😉😅

  9. Keesha W

    SUPERHUMAN??? We see who trying to take that Ass Kisser of The Year Award away from Hannity.

  10. Derrick O'Neal

    the amount of anal porn fox news generates is amazing.

  11. Keesha W

    Why is Jeanine Pirro still speaking…she should definitely have lock jaw by now.

  12. EDG3 Gamer

    Is there a difference between fox news praising trump and north korean tv praising kim jung-un? How lower can you sink fox news?

  13. Mustafa Jamal

    Life is a lie now

  14. Eisdax

    Why can't the tabloid press start with "HE'S GONNA DIE!" like they did with Clinton? Man, that would make my day.

  15. Sara Nasreen

    I love that I got an ad for McDonalds on this. It's like youtube is trying to tell me something

  16. En Lighten

    imagine telling to someone, as US president, "i am the only one who can get you where you have to be " after this person wants one of your citizens beaten to death!!!

  17. plutoburn

    As healthy as an obese man who love to drink soda all day long with a drawer full of stimulant pill can be.

  18. Jakeski87

    Pirro is such a sell out. Even IF he is healthy, he'd just be a normal guy who takes care of himself.
    Although evidence is to the contrary.

  19. Hal Nine-Thousand

    Our Supreme Leader doesn't 💩

  20. Do T

    Good for Trump that he is 'totally healthy' – good for the american people too. As a healthy man he can be prosecuted to the full extend of his crimes.👍

  21. havplenty1980


  22. rastatank13

    You know what other countries deem their crazy haired leader a demigod, yea North Korea, I bet trump's jealous the entire country is forced to believe it.

  23. Mags Plaatjie

    Who are these idiots trying to convince?

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