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  1. Jason Melder

    Your no match for jesus christ you vipers, he is going to deal with me ,and all you piece of shit Trumpers who are fake. All you care about is money. Money is worthless to God

  2. Jason Melder

    Trump and all his supporters need to be taken out in a field and whipped than crucified on crosses

  3. Badgalriri

    OK we have Brexit but you’ve got a Corrupt, Lying & Racist President whose spending a Million on slagging someone off when HIS in the wrong? Money that could help People but his only helping himself even when caught. I thought he didn’t want China’s help so the USA had more $ & Jobs?

  4. Debra Russo

    I know another anchorman is substituting for David Muir in this YouTube but I just want to say David Muir is having plastic surgery. Always looking bruised and your nose looks horrible. It’s time to stop you look awful now. It’s 10 07 19 and as news anchor tonight your hair your face your skin you look like shit. Too many rituals to keep your position? Upping the contract with the illuminati? You act like all the other anchors Cooper Green Madden NBC MSNBC.

  5. Doogle Non

    Marco Rubio needs to be voted out. Republican party needs to be cleaned out.

  6. T B

    Romney is an elitist who charged $5000.00 a plate for campaign dinners during his presidential run
    Mitt is the status quo of the Washington swamp who still aspires to be President.

  7. Shapes in Planet

    We going to create a law saying that no one are immigrants when people recognizes belonging to the planet and it's life

  8. John Ferry

    My God. The media has been trying to get our President every day. Fake news is right.

  9. Eric Long

    Need to impeach before he 2020 or we get four more years. He is unstoppable!

  10. Jaime Garcia

    Trump is a disgusting vile traitor. I really despise the Clinton but Trump is a latter day modern American traitor. Now I am certain the RICO statutes will apply to his vile family and admin. God help the Republican Party.

  11. Wisdom

    Mitt Rommey it's a back stubber, a Rhino, a Deep State and now Trump exposed Mitt real colors! Mitt it's just a politic career kind of guy. In another words all talk , no action. Also a waist of tax payers money. He should retired from politics. Would be a favor to the Nation!

  12. raymond sutton

    I find it wrong that the Dems can now use third person whistle blowers and everyone goes along with it I don't care your believes or wether you like him or not but where is the line how much crap can these people will continue to lie and people will believe it and when the truth comes out there is going to be alot of sad people

  13. Alvaro Sarria

    'You can't speak for him but you can speak for yourself'

    Do they? Do they have own voice and opinion?

  14. ubon11

    Seriously, what is the difference between Trump asking Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens compared to the DNC funded subcontractor Fusion GPS gathering information from foreign sources with the result being a dossier compiled by a British National Christopher Steele?

    It looks exactly the same to me.

  15. je pense est puis j'existe

    emperor wears no mind.

  16. Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots

    It's All Part Of The Firm and these retards think they are teaching me. Lol! Really?

  17. Pick 1 Mike

    Trump asks favors ( making deals) with Russia and China to investigate other American politicians and most all republicans think that is alright. Wow. And then want to blame it on democrats. Wow.

    At least Mitt Romney is intelligent enough to avoid inclusion with republicans of histories telling of this sickening time. Thanks Donald Trump and you Trump supporters. I sure wish I'd awake tomorrow and we had a president focused on making Americans lives healthier, wealthier and doing so with intelligence and class…it's possible…but not tomorrow…Andrew Yang could do that but I don't have faith in American voters. There's a mental health crisis in America and it seems to possibly have effected the majority of voters and republicans. It is what it is…hard to argue with that. I'm sure there's a majority that will LOL.

  18. Henry Dawkins

    If it has nothing to do politics why is he bringing this out when the 2020 election is not far off.

  19. bill bixby


  20. bill bixby

    Mitt Romnry is a two time loser and pussy.

  21. luna sky

    You cant hide from karma it catches up with everyone in the end.time for the good people of America to take their beautiful country back again from this ruthless tyrant….he knows the game is up…..

  22. Daniel August

    Romney was working with Burisma. This is why he is so scared. Trump is about to drop the bombshell on the entire Obama administration, republican and democrats, cia, fbi etc some will be arrested some with be fired some both. This is a revolution. The republic will be taken away from the elite and given back to the people. Dems, you have awoken a sleeping giant.

  23. Dani ram

    Asking a Communist dictator to investigate a political opponent is not American! Impeach Trump!

  24. Amazing Andy

    Mitt Romney, a profile in courage. The only republican senator with a spine.

  25. Jack Killer

    They got me for my shit

  26. Jack Killer

    O shit my asshole was rape by usa Trump America a shithead

  27. Hindlick Fokker

    Romney the Rhino. Investigate the corruption of biden and romney. What has the loser romney accomplished in all his years in govt ? Other than making their own families wealthy. Investigate them all! They have been investigating Trump for 3.5 years and found nothing and loser romney keeps his mouth shut. Romney what a loser!

  28. Dan M

    Mitt Romney sucks. Trump is right on. He’s a pompous a** that is just disgruntled. Belongs in a corporate boardroom.

  29. Common Sense Moderate

    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 Keep exposing this corrupted and fake democrats and media. We are living in amazing times where nobody is buying their deceptions anymore lmao!

  30. ted johnson

    So donnie says Rick Perry made him do it. Glad we got to the bottom of that. I am sure the whole thing will go away now. -John Barron

  31. Marion Berry

    I'm so sick of this man's face. Donald Trump makes America looks like a joke….I am ashamed that the people in my country particularly (Republicans) are so desperate to be in office that they would vote for a "man" like this womanizing loser.


  32. Jennifer Anderson

    Forrest Gump for president bubba ! John

  33. Scott Hupke

    If you can't see thru DONNIES BS I can't help you.

  34. Joe

    You're not wanted Mitt…you ain't our kind.

  35. Jay Luck

    Before prison: I didn’t do nothing!

    In prison: “Everybody’s innocent in here. Didn’t you know that.” – Andy Dufresne

  36. Mark Stengel

    Mitt Romney The Stiff Shaegetz👿

  37. Jonathan Sterling

    Our president is head of law enforcement. If he sees evidence someone has committed a serious crime, it is his DUTY to investigated that. Just because someone is a primary presidential candidate does not mean they are immune to the law.

  38. Drake Hound

    Honorable President would say : While I disagree with the impeachment, it is fully in the Democrats right to do a impeachment inquire.

    A Tyrant: I am investigating Corruption, the impeachment is a fraud HOAX… it is a witch hunt.

  39. mopthermopther

    Lucky for Mr Trump –
    he took the impeachment
    vaccine !!

  40. Tom Graham

    Every impeachment inquiry so far has required a vote of the entire House. Is this actually an impeachment inquiry or kabuki? If it's kabuki, then the President can ignore the "subpoenas" because they are invalid.
    We need someone to determine if the House (not the speaker) has actually started an impeachment inquiry.

  41. K S

    Everybody in the government has tried to slam Trump over and over!! They are not perfect either….everyone of them is a damn hypocrite!! Trump stands his ground!!! Yes!!! Lol

  42. xxnike629xx

    Trump is using Biden to distract and obstruct justice.
    It’s just another scapegoat that he’s using to distract the media and obstruct justice.

    Trump is not physically or mentally fit for POTUS.

  43. al jbug

    Those who speak the loudest have the most to hide .

  44. al jbug

    It not even an impeachment inquiry . Fake news ABC is lying . To have an inquiry it nerds to go to a vote . ABC is fake news .

  45. Ron Wuerch

    Trump Is Right…You People And The Dems Are Going Down…Go Trump 2020…Breaking News Bull Crap.

  46. Ron DLH

    Trump is panicking, this time he has gone too far, nobody will believe his lies anymore, Trump 2020 is dead

  47. Coach Chris

    Boycotting hollyweird and all Looney left .
    President Trump is in our prayers.

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