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  1. david stewart

    Trump says we've got a great relationship with China (during a trade war) wow no wonder he has been divorced more than most. And also bankrupt, ha ha ha ha is very funny man, funny hair too, but he's a very unselfish lover according to him. Once again been divorced at least twice, third on the way when out of office, they say the reason he went in to politics is he is a natural (conman).

  2. K Y

    I’d like to warn Vietnam,don’t be overconfident and over optimistic,just take a look at China and Mexico,what the US done to China and Mexico today,that will be what they done to Vietnam tomorrow

  3. Michael L.

    President Donald John Trump is YOUR President, whether you like it or not, and the good news is that he’s YOUR President until 1/20/2025. Have fun. MAGA.

  4. johnnyguitar2929

    Trump is a lying snake oil salesman. He will go down as the worst president in US history.

  5. Tse Hong Ling

    it not as simple as leaving US to build a plant in USA. where do your plant parts come from? you cant make EVERY part from USA

  6. Lulu Berry

    The US is prompting Xi with the mass protests in HK, who now is the new whipping boy to increase leverage on China.

  7. KNN Network

    what an interpreter… how big are her lungs?

  8. Mr. Cosmos

    I don’t think China likes to negotiate under Threat. Precisely for all this Trump trumpeting, there will be NO DEAL!

  9. ForAmerican

    Nothing will happen. When Trump imposes an addtional tariff, China may stop the shipment of rare earth metal and start the punishment of the blacklist of an American company, just the way Trump did to Huawei. Huawei demanded Verizon to pay for 230 patients Verizon started using without the license. Who is stealing IP now?

  10. Chinese Goyim

    He's been repeating he is for US and Xi is for China lately.

  11. Osman Jerry

    Ya the factory come back and where are you selling. Selling is easy? Again?

  12. Yong Ching Goh

    He has something to say about the trade deal everyday while the other party just totally ignore him and keep silent.

  13. Tianshi Li

    You know GM make more money in China than US, right? If they move back to US, how the company survive? By taxpayer's money? What's the point for keeping GM if they don't make profit?

  14. Fred W

    I think you are wrong

  15. dnrchung

    Empty talk, no use Trump,
    ! of course u can make any deal with China or any country but with wht terms, idiot! When I was young, I always admired States but Trump is really changing the world, showing the dark side aspect of US- A role model of USA in negative way.

  16. Teh Chuan

    A president who keep on thinking we are winning and forgot where the market is

  17. yw s

    imagine you are a personal friend of Trump, how much money would you make through inside trade

  18. JlingX Jolly

    contorl others by scare them, very well done, US

  19. JlingX Jolly

    no company will go back to usa just as u know trump.

  20. Great Asia

    Every country needs to hedge the "US risk". They are getting closer to Russia, China and Iran etc. My sympathy goes to the average American workers who have no access to overseas news.

  21. Chang

    Caucasian filth

  22. mary humphreys


  23. Wado Waleli

    Yeah, something "positive for China" will happen, just like some negative for us will. Trump and economics don't mix well, as we've seen already and will see more dramatically as this economic disaster continues to unfold.

  24. reiwell del

    And this is why the powers that be pushed Trump to be president, to keep this economic expansion going. He is the right man for the job. Pump it

  25. Joe Zhao

    Mr trump is always confident about his relationship with other nations lol

  26. Qinby 1

    Either Trump really is an idiot OR he listens, and believe what Kudlow and other idiots say OR he just lies…
    Probably all 3 are correct…
    GM sold 2,6 million cars in the US 2018 and 3,4 million in China, China is their largest market AND GROWING FAST.
    Why would you ever move that production to the USA??? So you get shipping costs, Chinese tariffs and higher wages???
    Yeah sounds like "The best deal EVER" Fucking moron.

  27. Defiant GTI

    the ducking moron is in charge of the economy, wow

  28. Captain Of A Starship

    If they were able to decipher his sealed envelope through the sunlight , if people on a forum can guess the whole season 1 of westworld by a few episode… then surely humans, the internet, let's get together and figure out a good deal to denuclearize the world with some agreed neutral place just for meteor targets.

  29. ba sook

    Is Trump lies in front of media or he just want let it slide in the background? Mexican tariffs have different story to Mexico

  30. Matthew Molina

    I agree with the Polish President. He is very intelligent, speaks well. I wish a long successful career for him as President.

  31. P Zhong

    Delusional 72 years old dotard lies about everything, how did Americans get itself into this mess with this ignoramus narcissist?

  32. Kean-Leong Ang

    You are not for US, donnie boy. You are clearly for yourself.

  33. Alvin Gabriel

    The one leading America on a buffalo jump off a cliff?

  34. St4 St

    Since 2010, companies are encourage to move to Asean. Not because of trumpet.

  35. Emily Sophia

    Most US companies are in China for the Chinese market and most US companies are in China because China represents between 27 and 33 % of global growth.
    Most US companies are in China because it has a middle class that is larger than the population of the US. Most US companies are in China because it is such a dynamic strong vibrant and innovative economy and American wish to be a part of that.

  36. Emily Sophia

    Suddenly meeting Xi Jinping in at the G20 summit has become so important. Is someone getting desperate?
    China is in no rush to make a deal. US companies that import products from China are paying the tariffs.
    China has no burden of re-election, she can wait it out, and begin long-term solutions to China's reliance on US trade.

  37. Pham Ong

    Support Trump! From Vietnam!

  38. P G TAN

    Trump shows his ignorance again. His tariff war is causing US businesses a lot of disrupt-tions n expenses. He also caused much confusions n losses in the financial mkts. Hedidn't give negotiations w China much of a chance at the beginning but instead went for  what he thought was a faster way to success by imposing tariffs. Now,Trump is back towhere he started 2 yrs ago,and the results are :1) voters/consumers paying more for theirshopping; 2)many farmers have lost their businesses; 3) US businesses, with Chineseoperations are facing enormous logistic problems n US importers have real headaches  finding alternative supply sources. To make things worse, he stopped US techs from supplying Huawei without any solidevidence of 'spying'. Trump has made America a laughing stock n he still expect the Chinese to negotiate on his terms !! Btw,US trade deficits ,so far, under his watch hashas ballooned even more !

  39. andtam008

    Trump offers Melania and Ivanka to do pole dancing for Xi and Putin if Xi and Putin will meet him in G20.

  40. terrance leacock

    He don't have a clue what he's talking about he just learn how to bs like a Republican.

  41. Pat Bhukkanasut

    The uncertainly is real but not based on reality. This will go on for years to come.

  42. grimm reaper

    trump laid out all the different scenarios for china. is trump a fiction writer or daydreamer?

  43. US Of Zion

    US companies to set new businesses in other countries is not as easy as you think. You have to look at the resources and manpower and than there's also energy which the companies needs to have it up and running. Most Countries surrounding China doesn't have the resources and manpower. Chona is now slowly helping Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to develope their countries with massive investments on infrastructures and Building massive projects and busineses. All those companies have to donis ship it from either one of these countries through Freight Trains to their ports.

  44. US Of Zion

    Trump keeps accusing China in many many things with no proof and yet he expects a great deal with China. He thinks he can threaten China to make a deal. China is not wooried about your Tariffs Trump. The US consumers pays for all that.

  45. LeO Jack

    One thing I am pretty sure about that is while he is not president, his family will be very very very rich than in 2017.

  46. 史塔克逍遥

    fake mouth ,🐷

  47. Daisy Ding

    Shameless, every single word come from his mouth is fake news.

  48. Daisy Ding

    Positive things by threatening ?

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