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  1. Bob leroy

    China is standing up to bully trump.  How much are we paying China in tariffs now?

  2. Grant Goldberg

    Trump may be a marketing genius, but he's an economic imbecile. American companies didn't leave because of bad "trade deals" not that he ever elaborates what makes them so bad. It's our high taxes and regulations. That's why they left. He knows this which is why his clothing line used to be made there which I don't fault him for, but these tariffs are borne by Americans, not the Chinese. He's taxing us.

  3. Bri I

    "faint sheeplike"? No wonder people think the UK is America's lapdog. You're the leader of the country with the fifth largest GDP. Act like it, Boris.

  4. King Java

    Trump​'s Trade War is easy to win.

  5. Larry Louis

    Typical doom and gloom propaganda. If the media would ever take a positive slant on life, everything would go a lot easier. The foreign powers get these silly media reports and think that America is weak, willing to succumb to any pressure instead of seeing this country as strong with the people behind our leaders. This trade war is not very well understood and misrepresented. We have been at a disadvantage for decades and do not even understand how. This is how foreign governments can take over this country, by taking advantage of our own ignorance.

  6. Mark Mahan

    Some people will never understand sarcasm when ask the same question 100 times LoL!

  7. David Parker

    I see a lot of emotional comments but not many related to the very complex array of positive and negative economic ramifications related to this story. Are you really driven by emotions rather than logic?

  8. Net Surfer

    What America has been doing to China in this evil war is simply bullying. Every country can see that. The world is returning to the order of the forest – which may benefit the Americans – they cannot win currently by legal means, thus violence, robbery, bullying, and more to come.

  9. John C

    I am a supporter of Trump because the alternatives are poor. But President Trump is lost as can be on the trade situation with China. The most important thing is 90 percent of the goods coming out of China are pure junk! Get to know the real story Mr President, I think we should demand higher quality products or just cut 75 percent of trade with China. We citizens here in US are getting ripped off purchasing their junk!!! Oh also Mr President, where is the healthcare plan that you said we Americans are going to love? 2.5 years later and nothing!

  10. Privacy Valued

    The only thing Trump will ever actually "double down" on is KFC.

  11. uman965

    CBS = FAKE NEWS!!!

  12. Q plus Darrin Rosebrook

    Norah O'Donnell doubles-down on her Sedition.

  13. Q plus Darrin Rosebrook

    CBS should have had Charlie Rose cover this fake news story.

  14. Senyora Stella Antonia Trililing

    That guy is going to bring down the world with him

  15. Mrs. Margaret Donald

    Tomorrow Trump will say the Media lied.

  16. N

    Don't gobble everything that politicians are saying… There is no climate change problem because the earth's oceans cover 70% of the surface of the earth and offers more food and minerals than mankind ever needs. Also, oceans are the major constituent in the formation of our weather… Worry about JOBS and FOOD to put on your children's table …and PEACE.

  17. Geo Invest

    Who is the women to the right of Trump?

  18. Ken Grantham

    Boris Johnson is a disheveled Trump doppelgänger. His hair style is a classic, far better than Trump’s.

  19. Tobiaz Tobiaz

    Xi jinping has to give up his emperor's dream, step down for the crime he and Chinese communists committed.

  20. karen knapp

    sad, very ashamed of our leader……

  21. Ronda Leistiko

    Climate change is the biggest priority. Keep focussed.

  22. JCO2002

    No one should doubt the resolve of our dear leader. It's clear that he should be president for life, and all who oppose him should be eliminated with extreme prejudice. God bless Trump, the chosen one.

  23. Edward Ong

    It shows that US needs to gather support from so many countries to fight his trade war with China !!!!! So what is so great about US when Trump goes around getting support from so many countries to help US ?

  24. Phil P

    He displays his incompetence for the world to see EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yet he is still in power. Proof that Faux News is the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet

  25. A Q

    The mad king. We must live in an irrational society when this person is President.

  26. Ming Yang

    Don’t do it, China is not a country you want to bully. 🤣😂

  27. SanJose

    1:41 trump lied to his own people that Kim Jong-un Missile was still continued.

  28. Yan Kok Wai

    From the tone and manner of Trump, he is blinking again.

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