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  1. LauraNYC

    Lmao they need our pork ? Than why they sending us they’re toxic pork ? Government way more f…tub then I thought 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Basil Ramel

    Hey Fox, please do not place the Chinese flag above, or infront of the American flag?
    Size aswell; place not a larger Chinese flag before an American flag.

  3. silentassason

    So china is the ones who're going to make the fallout games real. They are going to be the ones who cause the nuclear wastelands

  4. Shmacked Muffins

    Trump has business ties with china and many other countries. He rather betray our country then lose those business after his presidency.

  5. Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    Good work to get our economy better !!!🇺🇸😄👍❤

  6. jayman

    There will be a mini deal tomorrow and the market surge will have everyone chasing in….lol

  7. DXD 2018

    Uriel Salas yes… with some billions of fake RMB from Bank of China: CCP & Chinese Hauwei are in bankrupt… but nobody want to talk about that! tall Bldg everywhere, Bentley, Benz, BMW… but any WC (We Copy, We Corrupt, World China) is not robust business model at all, even in AI & Military Technology ( fighters copied with help from IAI Israeli Aerospace Industry, was not able to take off without both Sukhoi SU-30 old turbo-engines, becauze Russians are not dum enough, to offer this kind of gifts to Hans yellows invaders from Beijing)! So all China look strong, modern, but so weak inside like eggs or paper tiger! Wait en See, 1989 USSR collapsing as a unbelivable surprise.

  8. Wenyi Yang

    China is a threat to human basic value. America and the world should put them in positions they will agree to play by the rule. This talk will not accomplish anything because they learn nothing yet. They only recognize strength and clubbing them and they will understand and appreciate.

  9. Tim Penni

    -Shakehand, deal complete.
    We buy your beans. We still steal your tech. Great deal

  10. nikorn chinakul

    From Hong Kong! I'd to know who are these so call Chinese officials. I recognized one who's working in the Chinese restaurant near hear. As for the others, I wonder who paid them to act as if they are the Chinese OFFICIALS! Could it be Bill Gates or CNN?

  11. Eazy Street

    Trump tells China give me Biden and you can have the same deal as Turkey. Taiwan!

  12. M VonWaltz

    WEAK. Very BAD – Trump only gets Chinese #2. Trump = NOT a Winner.

  13. Google Man

    Trump is desperate to get a deal to cover up his impeachment inquiry the reason I suspect he screwed the Kurds how do you get rid of a scandal make a new scandal we all know trumps narcissism wouldn’t allow him to meet with the vice anything unless he was desperate

  14. mike ables

    Trump 2020

  15. Tom Ski

    Trump is the only president in recent history working on behalf of ordinary people, most others worked for the elites.
    Go Trump

  16. Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    Let me guess. More how to duck Americans. While blaming Americans. While reaping the profits

    The art of war, best used in business. Against a populace such as ours. Yay

  17. Helder De Almeida

    Fox news is Dumb and Dumber

  18. 1marvel23

    What a coincidence, China needs the trade agreement over with tariffs lifted, trump needs china to start an investigation into biden and now they seem to want to make a deal…. foriegn powers run this country

  19. Allan Hegyes

    Wait until the Chinese have cornered the market on gold, it will be a whole new world.

  20. Killer Queen

    Free Hong Kong

  21. brian onyango

    Why not meet with xi why meet with a deputy premier. Chinese are going to bully the world soon.

  22. Last Rights

    Trump to be impeached.

  23. Ernest Brown

    More business for his daughters clothing lines🤙

  24. Edward C Tullis

    Stop ALL imports from China

  25. Phan family Get mossed!!!!!!!!!

    I’m with you I’m from Minnesota I Gotchu bro Democrat’s all the way

  26. 7 7


  27. Ug0tmi1k

    He's meeting with the Vice Premier? Wow, the higher ups must be tired of dealing with him already. I guess that's the real "art of the deal"

  28. Brian Barnes-Cocke

    There was a time when the President of the US would never speak to anyone lower than the Premier/President/Prime Minister. Amazing.

  29. imandan1966

    Man, Donnie screwed the US. Bigly

  30. Danger Zone

    China owns the US.

  31. imandan1966

    Trump will use his vast experience as a Reality Show Host to make this happen….chuckle

  32. Uriel Salas

    Trade talks? Sure he isn't going for the Biden dirt?

  33. Matt Salon

    American needs to crush China… No more soy world wide… It's horrible for the environment!

  34. Brian Beeler

    Why is Pres. Trump meeting with Vice Premier Liu He who's just an appointed assistant to President Xi? It seems odd that the president of the US, the world's largest superpower, is meeting with the subordinate of another country. Almost disrespectful. Maybe China is saying Pres. Trump is weak? Sad.

  35. Dark PePe

    Trump can’t even stand up to Turkey lol

  36. Eli Eli

    Long live the CHina best country most fair and not US regime of EVIL people LONG LIVE THE DRAGON!!!! ROOOOAAAARRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOAAAUUUURRR

  37. sean jokela

    Still have yet to see this "deal making" skill…..
    Clinton was making deals while he was getting impeached
    Nixon was making deals while he was getting impeached
    The guy we got now can't even make them when he's not getting impeached

  38. Mud Dobber

    Let's make deal

  39. dark light

    "trade" you mean "biden"

  40. ladyjillian12

    Trump Train USA

  41. Johnny X

    At least we don't have to worry about the SOBs stealing out intellectual property when it's soybeans and pork being traded.

  42. Kevin Lee

    Were Blessed to have Trump as President.

  43. Whitegirlasianpenis. com

    good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods to replace the things when hurricanes and wildfires smashes them every year

  44. Thomas Andrew

    The leaders of CHINA are animals,,,never forget that,,,,exciting more people ,,,their own people every year,,, than all other countries do combined in a year.

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