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  1. lostn65

    That would be the nuclear option. I love it. Drive the world into the ground Donny.

  2. Ilham Kusuma

    yes, it is the past US president fault. why they added CCP, a ruthless and manipulator dictatctor, into World Trade Organization. CCP definitely is an enemy. look at how HK situation now. everyone is scared by CCP. destroy CCP now or US will be destroyed by CCP later.

  3. pilsung26

    If I were a unethical president who didn’t divest from my corporations. I’d be short selling US & Chinese stocks in sync with my tweets

  4. Sigfrido Fajardo

    ..Wait until New York City goes broke. Wall street is the catalyst of the beginning of the end. Wait until the Dow plummets to record low of1000 pts. and beyond. ok? What then? The world waits and so will we..

  5. rayray cheung

    The same product made outside China must be higher,, China has used many years to build its supply chain and transportation system, no single country can replace, us would also lose the 14 billion people's market, the German or Japanese Co would grow bigger than the US co in the future, trade war never has winner

  6. Lyonmane ™

    Fallout here we come. Waiting for the Chinese invasion in Alaska.

  7. midnight run

    The orange fart of the deal shit his pants once more

  8. Joachim W

    Putin’s best friend is a threat to America’s prosperity

  9. khoo boo beng

    American Businessmen take order from their President. President gave them money to do business in China?

  10. Jade O'Shaunessy

    You can give orders to Macdonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut
    But we're damned Americans
    A and no. There's no fries with that

  11. China por España

    Trump is so pathetic lol

  12. Hash Tag #

    But we need China, China is awesome, we got this and that Made From China 🤑

  13. yfelwulf

    Latest Rothchild's bank worried their empire may crash due to Digital Currency

  14. Amit Tiwari

    china is a badass..Trupm is doing absolutely correct..

  15. Chura Bhok

    Trump for president again!! 👍👍

  16. tn STAR

    Love you Trump. Americans need to be very tough with this trade war.

  17. Robert Lewis

    Man I cannot wait until this clown gets out of office 🤡

  18. Ming Yang

    Mmm let me see the whole US population is 350 millions and China middles class is 500 millions and growing by the minutes. What to do, its only money after all. 🤣😂

  19. bubba luv

    three days later, nah only joking just joking, but Chyna needs to negotiate as the god king has pronounced it, not sure even he knows what he is saying

  20. Tali Leradiengr

    Return my chosen people to their lands. For you have no connection with them and giving them a money network that crashes within themselves with extremely rich to be bold and daring. I COMMENT with the Holy spirits as MY witnesses. They shall return their little wealth on your land and come back to bewilder that I will make them flourish in life.

  21. Tali Leradiengr

    For you had promoted fake diplomat before you were chosen. And, it is you who using media to spread fake news. It's you who have opened safe door to the bold and daring. It's you who never chase away the bad eggs. And, now I want all your household return to the beginning. For all these are endless. WORDs shall become flesh. Let he who listen has ears open.

  22. Family Fun

    Chosen dump once

  23. MrNeonBear

    I honestly think Trump is getting a lot more hate for the trade war than he deserves. All the other U.S Presidents were too scared to get a fair trade deal so China kept taking advantage of us. With Trump in office, he's willing to launch a trade war. Unfortunately, both economies are suffering but I'm willing to suffer for fair trade with China.

  24. Albert Wallace

    Trump. Couldn't order a Chinese takeaway, ignorant arse hole, HE IS NOT THE CHOSEN ONE, all you farmers are suffering and your families, thanks to the recession oaf ….

    MASQUERADING as POTUS, hope you all like pot noodles ( non- Chinese of course ) ☠️☠️☠️

  25. Carlos Rodríguez

    Companies will never leave China. Not when you can pay them $3 to $5 an hour. With no benefits lol.

  26. Leonard Wood

    America is owned by China. Long live China and Russia.

  27. AmericanMeiling

    I do not follow trump!!!! He needs to be impeached before he starts a war!!!! Imbisile!!!!

  28. Ethihas m

    Some farmer should put a bullet in the trumps head, then and then only America will be great again. That would be so funny world's greatest dumbass killed by his own civilian farmer……lol

  29. A. Dee Wai

    It might seem subtle BUT the title choosen One belongs to ONLY ONE: and HIS Name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God of Israël ! The ONLY WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE ! OUR REDEEMER !
    A. DEE WAI ✝️🌹‼️

  30. allah kudar

    Why are Americans support China we are Asians are not happy because our territories in South China Sea claiming their own and make puppet the small nations of Asia

  31. Sharon MarieB

    You're such lowlives. Maybe you guys like the Fentanyl influx from China as well as them ripping us off? IDIOT mainstream media

  32. Victor Espino

    Trump put the fed chair there… why did he choose him then lol

  33. skyrim935

    It's about time someone pushed something

  34. Step in Time smith

    All the China lovers in the comments.

  35. Juan _

    1:36 as i said multiple times HE LEAD OUR COUNTRY INTO RECESSION!!!!

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