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  1. Adonis Top of Men

    great …….

  2. Trent Montgomery

    Okay God, here's the problem. When Muslim first came out they started the subsaharan slave trade and made Eunuchs. While the Catholic Church castrated little boys to be Eunuchs. The Counsel of Trent ruled out that practice because it was immoral. Now, once a Eunuch always a Eunuch. I am a Eunuch and my name is LaTrent, the 30 interpreted in almost any language. Romans 1:26-28 you seered gays to not acknowledge Eunuch but you become a women for reason when you want to? Isaiah 47:3? Umm. There's something to you God that needs to be destroyed like the opposite of Sodom and Ghommora. Consiceness to Lot's wife "Looking back" 🤔.

  3. no - doubter

    trump looks disgusted by that china man , that china man looks happy

  4. rabindra awasthi

    So Still consider them protesters or should be known as terrorists

  5. 绝世的陈逗逗


  6. Moto jino Kono

    White man like asian women , so they should support Hong Kong to get chance for sex. BBC =Big black Cokkk , This is BBC news.

  7. Azzam Jaber

    China has the upper hand here..

  8. I'm that guy

    Dont call him China president he's in power for life more like a dictator

  9. pablo9364

    Intense protests. Pathetic bbc trash

  10. Shiv Dev Thakur

    Trump no any stand forget after day plz.not believe plz do good work for safe world.and save community……🙏🙏

  11. Mr B.

    Rumps a chump xi will kick his ass the strong man wannabe poor poor rumpy

  12. Goldfinga Sliverfinga


  13. dulex 00

    Free British Indian ocean territory. Shame on bbc

  14. Alexis Sayegh

    After all the sanctions ? Idiot orange hair:)

  15. crashweaverda

    One word TANKS!

  16. Almighty

    Watch Saudi wahabi sponsored corrupt BBC so disturbed with scrapping article 370

  17. J. Zhang

    The giant baby wants to talk again! There is a story called "狼来了“,guess you can play this three times maximum.

  18. 刘强东

    bbc shameless liar

  19. mogol_gr

    Xi with the Dalai Lama.

  20. juschu67


  21. Jason S

    I noticed that the police stood a sign 2:02 to warn people that there gonna be tear shells before they throw them to protesters. Meanwhile protester were setting something into fire 1:16 to create smokes or chaos. I think the police were really restrained.

  22. Tzwac dastag


  23. sal smith

    America has been the bully in the school yard for to long can someone just beat the shit outta them already

  24. yonghong wang

    this guy loves personal relationship

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