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  1. Damin Mance

    I don't trust china

  2. Iowa State

    CBS the C stands for China

  3. Mortimus Maximus

    Cant see why China, would want a trade deal, before next years election.They are sitting this one out.

  4. Bob leroy

    China just called trump a liar and they never called him.  So sad.  Trumps meds are not working

  5. Daisy Santos

    What an idiot president

  6. Ms V

    Is there a law against what he's doing? This man is a delusional liar 🙆🏾‍♀️

  7. Steven Wyatt

    More fake news.

  8. Mike Perkins

    Trump is soo full of sht.

  9. Deanna Uy

    China has always wanted to negotiate. Question is : Has the US? All the other world leaders want trade peace. Even UK prime minister Boris Johnson said the same.

  10. Lee Bruce

    Democrats in congress would rather have a recession inorder to have a chance in removing trump. Democrats work party over country.

  11. news clip comp


  12. 漢仔

    lol…aliies? Again You must well call them subsidiary countries serving the principal interests of the parent country. In other words, stooge or lackey.

  13. zoo stupormundi

    USMCA is a done deal and stupid Pelosi controlled Congress won't pass it. She's wanting a recession and damage the country to get to Trump…won't happen!

  14. Edmund Singleton

    Check your ‘journalism’ with a hairdresser…

    A sixty-eight-year-old Ken Fisher, an investment analyst,
    founder of Fisher Investments has ads all over television networks plugging his
    company and his expertise all the while appearing without one blade of gray
    hair, at first glance, vanity?, perhaps, I think not, he is convince his
    youthful appearance increases his analytic prowess, influence and business. On
    as many business networks, a seventy-nine-year-old Art Laffer, an economist,
    markets his expertise for much the same reasoning as Ken Fisher, in a faked hair
    dyed youthful appearance. Soon we all will be tuned to our favorite news
    network for updates on the G7 financial activities, it’s a better than average
    the anchors and reporters will all be dye heads too, peddling a youthful
    appearance, as influence and as some sort of validity of their dispensed
    information by way of their spoken words with graphs and charts, and if blond
    dyed, or black shoe dyed, as if to say there can be no doubt that whatever is
    being reported by them must be taken as pure gospel, simply because of their
    enhanced influencing pageantry…

  15. Hona Wikeepa

    Trump wants China to come to its senses and stop being a machine that is breaking down very quickly. He doesn't want to hurt China, he wants a fair table. Comrades Clinton Bush and Obama sold America to China for free, and Trump is getting it back. China needs Trump more that Trump needs China. Fledgling Iran is the same. They're lucky they're not dealing with fellow Marxists' after their own kind. Thanks CBS. We know that the opposite to what you report is secret Trump promotion. Well done. Thank you for supporting Trump and free thinking.

  16. Nadia .S

    Trump is a practiced enigma …. but it's different…. let's see where it leads.

  17. Donovan

    45 soon to ban Chinese food. We all know he hates vegetables, even more than brown people.

  18. Dann Marceau

    China's foreign minister has not heard of the phone calls "The Liar of Orange" mentioned.

  19. JRG2733

    The Chinese are on their knees before him, begging him to make a deal?
    Lies like that don't move him to victory in 2020.

  20. T Bala

    Not a big fan of trump but doing great job on trade with china.

  21. John Townsend

    trump declares that China called him at the G7.
    China says "We did?"

  22. jake08311

    He is lying. Again.

  23. Steven S. Sadleir, Sai

    Well done. For those who want the backstory economically you can download https://rense.com/general96/Money&Power.pdf

  24. Tisna Dwija

    Please stop trade war mr.president, recession is coming

  25. dundunsar

    You have lost it. You're fired!

  26. Togo Burrows

    the news media empowers trump
    by feeding his delusions of grandeur

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