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  1. SamS

    Does China know this time?

  2. mucura1

    Trump needs to stop talking and think a little before he speaks.

    Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. -plato

  3. UltraDigable

    Trump is over Fox. That’s a shock. Never thought I’d see the day. What are we gonna do?

  4. Cathy Groff

    does china know they called?

  5. G-Mack, 58.

    CNN = the sky is falling! 😱

  6. John Milton


  7. Jay Dillon

    Merkel, the bloated Kraut, and a traitor to her country and people. Stop the Open Borders insanity and save Germany and Europe from the invading hordes. We need mass repatriation of moslems and other invaders.

  8. Joel Sattler

    Xi is smarter than Trump. Tougher too. A stone cold killer.

    The U.S. debt to China is $1.11 trillion as of May 2019. That's about 5% of the total debt.

  9. sean ausome

    China backed by Russia will never sign a fair deal.

  10. Eva Denmark

    China is a big lier !

  11. Zenith Shpeley

    He said China called to talk, seems like no one told the Chinese that.

  12. lisa schneider

    false, the chinese are not suffering, it's the american people who are paying for this trade war !!! fox news is a trashy media and fake news !!!

  13. GFrank

    Merkel is going strong?!! That may be the stupidest, most uninformed comment I have heard in months. She is hanging on by her fingernails and has become total political poison – especially to her own party – in Germany. No one wants her around any more. Her foolish EU/Globalist pipe dream is over, as has been thrown into the waste bin of history.

  14. Tuff OleBird

    Stop being bias and with our enemies ppl! We should always defend our president eles how can we defend our country. That dam neil cavuto is bias.Where do you get these slime eaters fox?
    He is still sucking on obamas teet and so are many others.

  15. Tuff OleBird

    Fox news is changing. Could it be due to paul ryan on the board? There are a few newsmen n women are bias. Who show their HATRED for our President. It looks and sounds ugly. I usually watch 21 /7 but may just find new sorce.Its getting bad.

  16. rich s

    Trump is a jackass and an embarrassment and a disgrace to the nation

  17. Pissed off Paula

    Look up Graham Elwood!!!!!

  18. Richard Cory

    How strange that the Chinese say explicitly that they did not call Trump at all. Since we have a President who is a stable genius and never lies, and who, by his own admission is the greatest American President who ever lived, the Chinese must have been lying. Why would they do this?

  19. The Great Deceiver blows it again: "China called last night our top trade people and said, ‘Let’s get back to the table.’ Trump said from Biarritz. “This is a very positive development for the world. I think we are going to have a deal.” Indeed, that would be a positive development for the world, if it had actually happened. But according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang, the phone calls did not in fact take place.

  20. Here's the King of B.S. trying to save face: "They lost 3 million jobs in a short period of time," Mr. Trump said. "A lot of companies have left China."
    There is absolutely no evidence to support this bogus claim.

  21. U.S. consumers pay the tariffs, not China. Commander Clueless is way out of his depth.

  22. Mobile Mancave

    Dow is down , no one else believed China made a phone call. t-rump is a stock market manipulator/insider trader.

  23. mrsimadana

    I think it's time, we've got no other choice, America needs the truth! …. UNLEASH JUDGE JUDY!!! Lol!!

  24. 1010Huey

    This pathological, compulsive liar, donnie dum-dum continues to lie:
    China did NOT call.
    president dumb said he did not say that a hurricane can be defeated with a nuclear weapon.
    Low IQ, greasy faced donnie did NOT meet Prime Minister Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
    The truth is, donnie dum-dum made a complete fool of himself…again.
    trump is stupid, lazy, hateful, stupid, ignorant, racist, stupid, and stupid.

  25. 刘治东

    Trump just want to stock market to move up, that's it

  26. 265petsar


  27. Victor Modjeski

    All this moron does is lie,he dont care about fact checking, hes pathological.

  28. Miles C. Anthony

    "Dear U.S.A.: We're very sorry. We realize now that we are unable to mess with Texas. We apologize for acting out. Please do not spank us." -China.

  29. star thrower

    Trump the showman always announces big deals, but they never materialize. At the G7, he was miserable because no one decided to fight with him. He's largely ignored, and that's probably for the best.

  30. Martin Clarke

    Ah Trump is rethinking the trade war that he illegally stsrted cuz he saw the that a) China retaliated.. what? Quel surprise? and b) it tanked the stock market that has been increasing since Obama in 2010, but which Trump takes all the credit for.

  31. xiang xia

    Trump is cheating now,The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that it has never had a call with US

  32. NaP

    winning, sooooooooooo much

  33. Ledger pop


  34. FrankDuks

    China called?! no way! it's going to be the greatest deal ever!

  35. uzuri wahissa

    China says let's make a deal, so china can cheat on it!

  36. Wonder Mama

    Uhh…China didn't call Trump. They have no idea who he was talkng to, but they say it wasn't them.

  37. geno mccgeno

    I wonder what they called him?

  38. The Paradise Productions Podcast

    The art of the deal I freaking love this guy

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