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  1. King Kevin

    China should return all intellectual property stolen/sold 100%. They should also handover all the US traitors. Trust but verify!

  2. A O

    With all the provocations and showdowns by the US side prior to these talks, China is not anymore interested to get a deal with the current US administration! They are not in a hurry and will wait for the next election outcome!

  3. Mike Liu

    well, it is really easy!! if Trump can knee down in front of Xi and say "Long Live Mr Xi"…….US stock market will soar……

  4. Mike Liu

    Chinese delegations have come to US to save US sinking Economy!!!

  5. Felix Frost

    dunno man, at this point, I can't take his words anymore. id believe it if its on pen and paper

  6. sparkle sparkles

    If we actually made progress Trump would be tweeting all the number s right now, he is not.

  7. 漢仔

    Trumo keeps on repeating his 'Art of the deal' tactics again and again. Punish or threaten China before the approaching trade talk. Say a few good words first and then threaten China or exert max pressure through the mass media.
    Then when talks ends, tell the world China break the deal and blame everything on them. Such silly tactics. I hope this time , it will not be like this. You are playing with ppl's lives, stupid!

  8. 漢仔

    Today is Friday. The stocks will go up, but please don't give us bad news again on Monday.

  9. sparkle sparkles

    Huawei repeatedly said the US market isn't critical to its success, it's a very poor leverage if it even exists.

  10. CCU uu

    Nobody is talking about how trump and people around him is making massive money in the market, every time he tweets the market goes crazy he is manipulating everything in his favor, he shouldnt have that right to manipulate the market, everything he tweets should be based on real facts not on lies.

  11. Super man

    NO DEAL is what I bet.

  12. Nick Chungo

    Trump says everything is perfect and tremendous and beautiful. After this job he should try stand up. Lol

  13. Athaporn MCorp Review

    If China 🇨🇳 looks into Biden jr, can trump go easy on tariffs (🥴🤑wink wink 😉🤟) ?

  14. D13

    I do not understand the running theme that is set to bash the US. They sat back and tried to explain away the market's gains this year and then, right at the end, compliment Europe?

  15. iqminiclip

    We are living in 1984 and we don't even know it.

  16. Pukes

    You guys should watch Black Clover.

  17. Paz Cavejitto

    Tremendous Staggering Supply of treasury toilet 🚽 paper 🧻 not worth to wipe your ass with

  18. Paz Cavejitto

    https://www.usdebtclock.org Wall Street is dumping the garbage 🗑 on the upgrades

  19. Paz Cavejitto

    Sell the rally in futures markets resistance levels are critical been in a bear market for 18 months its garbage 🗑 federal reserve in a precarious uncompromising position earnings produce a pittance of 1% eps growth . We have 535 incompetent politicians plagued with financial paralysis https://www.usdebtclock.org look America

  20. Paz Cavejitto

    What wiseman do early fools do late “ Jewish proverb

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