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  1. nick gillett

    6 months later: still no middle-class tax cut

  2. James Zgorzelski

    This is why he's gonna win in 2020. These late night clowns are not funny and they're hacky

  3. Liza Tanzawa

    DeSantis STOLE his election as Florida governor—so did their new plucked chicken Senator

  4. Eisdax

    "FINISH HIM""? Couldn't they get "FATALITY"?

  5. Pipe Tunes

    It will be over soon
    He won’t be re-elected

  6. Brent Fuller

    The hosts Trump impression gets old after the 5th and 6th time

  7. Mickey McGowan

    I love seths purple thingies

  8. Mickey McGowan


  9. Michele Hendrix

    He's nuts!!

  10. John Keith

    Talk about being nice on high tax on your income tax middle class keep supporting him see how worse he gets you think hes bad now wait till he get the 5.7 billion on that fake wall sound like fake news 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Kelly Cole

    Sounds like he's under the influence of something

  12. Linda Moody

    TRUMP is a consistent asshole.

  13. Linda Moody

    Anyone who believes a word that comes out of TRUMP's lying azz pie hole is a fool.

  14. bender42 bender42

    Socializing healthcare and raising taxes to pay for it? I highly doubt the increase will even approach the thousand dollars a month I already pay for health insurance. Health insurance corporations are some of the most amoral entities we have in modern America aside from the highly paid version of lobbyists and Fox News. We've tried paying corporations simply to exist while holding up our hands and praying to god they'll act like halfway decent human beings for more than 30 years now, If I'm being honest, I voted for some of those measures. I freely admit it's time to try something new.

    And no, despite hannity/satan's blather, modern national healthcare plans (even single-payer systems) are not the same as the 1970s flubs.

  15. Ross Miller

    Seth you say it how it is (lol)

  16. SethLord

    What was the song playing during his tirade about middle class tax cut?

  17. Rudy Hicks

    What a goofball! He has accomplished a lot. He is the best at bringing crooks in. And firing those low life crooks when they are not disgusting enough to meet his needs. To stay with trump:
    You must bow down.
    You must have a history of stealing.
    You must be 100% disgusting.
    You must have cheated on your spouse.
    You must be a serial lier.
    You must kiss his butt on a daily basis.
    You must be bad at golf, so he always wins.
    You must be ignorant of everything.
    You must like abusing children.
    Way too many more to list.
    trump is a maggot.

  18. James Huey

    Can we start calling him tiny trump while holding up a pinky

  19. Sebbley


  20. Pit Gutzmann

    It seems your president has pre-existing conditions himself…

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