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  1. Dio EL

    God bless President Trump. God bless USA.

  2. 肉红烧

    @Mr Trump Hongkong thugs are very very disappointed of you now…

  3. English Terry

    If you’s have nothing good to say about the best president you’s have ever had go watch some Democratic asshole talk …

  4. Garry G

    My thing is Trump just doesn't tell the American people what happened to the Isis leader he makes it one of his divisive and useless campaign speechs blasting all his usual targets for almost an hour! And then he didn't tell the Congress about it because of leaks? But told Russia? In my day leaks were looked down on because foreign hostel powers like Russia would benefit from them, not the Congress of the United States? When are people going to realize that Trump is incompetent and doesn't know what the fk he's doing? This guy is winging it! Trump is a total fraud!

  5. 456inthemix

    Usually, Trump talks to media before an aeroplan now he shifted to car. 😉

  6. Sandra Hunter

    Oh shut up. I'm waiting to find out what REALLY HAPPENED.

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