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  1. Flak Lognon

    57 years ?? like wtf china is certainly not going thru a second Great leap forward this year growth fell to like 6.1% from expected 6.x nobody even notice that.

  2. Philip Wimer

    Talking out of his ass, as usual.

  3. Rick Pappas

    What a crock of s**t! He didn't pay the farmers out of money that we got from China. Tariffs are a consumer tax. Americans paid it, so we Americans are subsidizing the farmers. All that needs to be done is for Trump to "…sign it.."? B.S. And the deal about waiting until after the election is about Trump knowing he can't make a deal and not wanting the Dems to clobber him with it during the campaign. Here's a question for the 63 million: What the f**k have you done to our country?


    Who is getting monetary benefits of this over-night rise and fall of the stock market?

  5. FalconNewsreel

    Problem is Intelligent Americans don’t trust Trump neither Trust Chinese. They both liar.

  6. Vern Clinton

    Wow, so now China is paying the tariffs instead of our importers and citizens. That's equal in stupendousness as the Mexicans paying for the (non-existent) wall!!

  7. Mindy McNamara

    He’s lying his ass off about the farmers

  8. Kevin Q

    I am not a farmer. How about the rest of us? I'm glad the farmers are "whole". I don't think they would agree with you though. You are a douche bag.

  9. Leemz100

    It IS based on one thing. His fucking STUPIDITY.

  10. Victor Espino

    So pointless. Nothing being said

  11. Stealth

    Ok Boomer

  12. Sumumma Bish

    trump is such a disgrace to the WORLD…

  13. Louis A. McCaII II

    There is one way to deal with certain parties in negotiations, being open and tough is the only way to deal with China. Any other approach adds validity to their desire to become the #1 nation on the planet. Had he said something less dominant, it would be a bigger problem. If they want to stop the bleeding, they will.

  14. Van Die

    28 million to US farmers .., over two years ., the Soy market alone hit farmers for over 80 million ,. , and remember in April and all the flooding ., yea that caused almost 20 million in losses ., fucking tangerine

  15. Louis C

    You already knew he was a bullshit fucking liar as soon as he started talking.

  16. Tyler Lemoine

    American farmers never got that money, Purdue and other large factory farms did. Why do you think a lot of soy bean, corn, and dairy farmers are closing up shop? Like this is a joke

  17. Robert K

    It's all I did this, & I did that… It's all my decision… It's all about him! What about his team? The people who actually did the work! The ones who actually read things, to then write the summaries that Trump later reads… As far as we know he just signs stuff, Tweets.., Makes bold & regularly shocking decisions, & goes on the campaign trail & talks about himself…, Oh and his many meetings with foreign leaders.. All of which are headline grabbing, as are his statements, at them!… & he takes a lot of pictures shaking hands with important people… Anything else? Oh yeah… His famous vacations! That must be where he makes all his "Important", decisions! (what do I do about the hookers?), and stuff like that? (How do I hide what I did… How can I influence this person to shut up… How do I stop this damn investigation & destroy the Nancy Pelosi & the Democrats?). 🤣🤣🤣 #TrumpAddsNausium! 🙄

  18. ritemolawz

    "China's had the worse year in 57 years" – Trump
    Where is this coming from? Is he saying he's been the toughest on China since the Great Famine killed millions?

  19. Christopher Fickes

    Bloomberg seriously a joke name.

  20. Arnold Davis

    This is the bull shit he's feeding us

  21. npc's everywhere

    Wheres your coverage of Joe Biden saying he likes kids on his lap? And him babbling on about roaches and his leg hair? That's right, Michael Bloomberg owns this news outlet and thinks he can win the election. You suck just as bad as CNN.

  22. John7714

    people of the USA gave the farmers 23 billion dollars . Trump is a liar

  23. Paul

    Trump doesn't care about America he only cares about his own pockets and failing businesses

  24. What the truck?!

    1st off China isn't paying for shit you brainless Jack a** my taxes and the cost of everything I buy nowadays has gone up outrageously since you got elected so stop lying about that bull shit and seriously Hey America do we really think it's the best idea in the world to let president bankruptcy here create one of the most important trade deals that this country has to rely on? this man has botched every business deal he has ever gone into he has squandered 10 times the fortune his father left to him and we think that he should be able to make a trade negotiation that will shape the direction of this country's economy for generations to come come on guys

  25. Mutt Jones

    This is like one of those movies where the kid and the parent switch bodies, and the kid has to go in front of international press and explain high level trade deals.

  26. Brother Juul

    Whose going to pay the 11trillion debt caused by the boomers? We will.

  27. Anders Johnson

    “Vagina trade deal”

  28. Paul

    And the American people are worse off

  29. Mark Yaske

    Trump 2020!!!

  30. Tim Bourque

    STOP ALL TRADE WITH CHINA !!! On human rights alone ,ps move to China Lebron your country wants you ..

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