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  1. sonya nutter

    media keep referencing trump as if he's a trusted source….

  2. Walter Black

    They've gone down trillions, we've gone up trillions. Why bother asking him anything, he's just going to barf out the same thing everythime.

  3. LIM RAJ

    Always bragging . China wants to make a deal. Lol. Why should you even meet with China when u have billion n billion coming in. ? Either you are stupid or you think the american are .

  4. AMT CH

    We're paying equal amount of tariffs it's a stalemate stupidity if anyone thinks he's right

  5. Judah Richardson

    Get the deal done already and stop strutting. The economy is suffering.

  6. LighteN Ing

    And out of curious, right now ur unemployment rate is 3.5% if it's true. On what f ground can you blame China for stealing ur jobs?! China has been a scapegoat for every shit of youre, be it jobs, deficits, debts and everything. When you over spent, why you blame the maker or the store but not yourself? Unbelievable logic!

  7. LighteN Ing

    How much less China has purchased from the US after the trade war? "3.5 mil jobs China lost due to the trade war", where did the number come from. Just some fact checking.

  8. Hadi Lee

    Trump may burst whatever joke he has, and he has a lot of them….

  9. Joshua Nieves

    Trump 2020 Fuck China FREE HONG KONG

  10. michael douglas


  11. james crowley

    Thank You Mr. president – Fuck China

  12. The Knight

    3 words- FCK OFF LIAR. even if China signs a deal, you will break it citing some stupid reason prior to the elections. there is no other way you gonna win other than by bashing others. you took credit of an economy that been smoothly recovering from recession and you are doing everything possible to destroy it .. next administration gonna pay for your stupidities

  13. Tunster

    I don’t think you understand Trumps position!!
    Swallow the pile now whilst it taste bitter, or swallow the pill later when it is three times bigger and covered in broken pieces of glass.

  14. 暖心公主


  15. Xuanming Lu

    China wants to make a deal, it’s just not your deal.
    You want to make a deal, but nobody wants to make a deal, with you.

  16. A O

    Fooling the US public again!

  17. Kevin Lew

    1:11 many many many trillions 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Altadrick Graddy

    This man is stupid

  19. mambojazz1

    This pompous ass makes me laugh till my stomach aches….until I remember he IS our President in real life not just on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!! #impeachtrump

  20. Qing Tong

    I thought I was in a comedy show, after double checked it, I was wrong : )

  21. chuyang Zhou

    Again, same words before every trade talk

  22. David Leija

    I think it’s funny how the chinese trolls on here talk crap. We all know trump and the United States don’t want a deal. Instead of people blaming trump why not blame the people that caused this. Why not complain about the companies and leaders that sold this country out. Why not blame the chinese government and the Chinese people for the theft and the hacking they have done not only to technology firms but private companies. But of course they trolls and the chinese ass lickers don’t say that. The Chinese take pride in the fact that China has been around for 4000 years and yet in 3 decades they have turn a beautiful culture into one of theft. Must be nice to see the chinese being viewed as the xerox machine of the world. They claim to be more advanced than the west , but after years of theft and not having to spend a dime on research and development when they can solely hack or walk away with trade secrets. China is a joke and it’s great to see the face the chinese officials make when trump calls them out infront of world leaders and calls them thieves.

  23. Mo Mo

    This guy is kicking truckers in their A-hole with this BS.

  24. Gavin Sutton

    Who carries the bucket and spade after all that shit. Wait is that you madam chair. 💩

  25. Max Power

    I Support it 100%

  26. Mike Liu

    the chinese support donald trump, the longer the he runs the america, the weaker the america become, the quicker china can overtake america to the world biggest economy. trump 2020

  27. 惊雷无声


  28. kale sims

    Trump's done more in 4 years than most Democrats do in a career. Let him speak and listen cause he will be here 4 more years snowflakes.

  29. tino v

    No wonder he has 5 bankruptcies on his back…

  30. Chris Lee

    I once went into a Mcdonald's in China. Ronald Mcdonald was handing out sweet and sour sauce packets to kids there.

  31. linkinbeatle

    You are a disgrace to the republican party! Shame!

  32. Outrjs

    The 10 Kings of the World use their pawns to collect assetts for a kingdom they will never see…
    The TRUE KING is Jesus the Christ.

  33. Vidya Sagar Rao

    just imagine the guy laughing in the background 1:13 – Trump's Face shows – he is losing and the USA ship is sinking – USA cannot use its military unlike japan China has a military – What Trump can do is do some more freedom of navigation – its propaganda machine has been adequately countered by China with its own publicity blitzkrieg. come 2020 USA will be begging on the streets for people to buy its treasuries — and there will be no one buying them … we are facing down the barrel of a gun on the receiving end.

  34. William Ridgeway

    Its this simple, the trump administration is nothing but a bunch of self serving idiots.

  35. Hudson Hawk

    Ummmm didn't we hear the same story before that China wanted to make a deal

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