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  1. P Hern

    Trump is a dottering old fool

  2. Cesar Varela

    Damn the man who trust the man

  3. Chris Landy

    That G7 Logo is clean.

  4. Billy Hunter

    Poor US farmers. Some of the trade with China will never return. China is finding other sources for trade. China is now buying soybeans from Brazil and lobsters from Canada, etc

  5. Bao Chen

    This just furthers the agenda to get out of China. I'm all for it.

  6. Jose Hernandez

    Its normal negotiation going from one stance to another all depends on the time and how they react.

  7. Eva P

    The question about Intellectual Property in connection to trade conditions with China is an issue for WTO to solve in the free world that the US fought over generations to create. Trump should try communicating with WTO before sanctioning China. Trump's tariffs on China are illegal and WTO has given China ok to backfire. In the world's view, Trump is the bad guy doing the wrong things in the wrong way at the wrong time – without respect for democratic processes. Even China has the right to legal security and is innocent until proven guilty by the WTO, even if Trump and his base give themselves a right to lynch anyone they dislike without a fair trial – like in the old west when America was great. 

    The multilateral value chains that enable import and export are so complex and involve so many countries for so many products, that Trump's illegal, quick-tempered, tweeted solutions of trade penalties against China (and others) are risking to cause a worldwide recession or depression. At the same time, he brags about the "good economy" that is about to explode because of mistreated business and a huge deficit. It's just so stupid.

  8. Holly Word

    America doesn’t need China made crap.

  9. yw s

    whatever drug trump is using, i want some

  10. Aria Clements

    Why hasn't the 25th been invoked yet? He's literally not sane.

  11. Jennifer Franell

    Schizophrenic, bipolar, drugs???? Somethings going on with this guy!!!!!

  12. Levi Notrub


  13. kerrari kors


  14. Mem Ry

    Trump’s like Pee Wee Herman when he falls off his bike: “I meant to do that”.
    How dare the MSM report what Trump says! It’s a plot by leftists to manipulate the media into showing Trump talking.
    Trump’s not being nutty and insulting – it’s all a diabolically clever negotiating tactic.

  15. J O

    He's an idiot born into money. He can consider himself like the rest of us.

  16. Derek Miller

    Confusing yall are FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS start reporting the truth and stop lying.

  17. Kevin Perez

    Xi being a great leader does not make him Not our enemy two different things. One Tweet was opinion the other Tweet was a question asking who was a bigger enemy.

  18. thebillis1

    Everyone dont listen to your lying eyes and your lying ears.

  19. J O

    He's insane c'mon you know.

  20. dean ambrose

    U people keep saying china is playing chess but dont realize trump plays games is well and probably trying to fool the economy like he did with putin the same guy he supposedly didnt know was a spy

  21. 5KindsOfSmoke

    China: One world, One China.
    Trump: The US has just always got to be #1.

    I’d go with the ‘free world’ democracy any day.

  22. Gooey Bug

    I feel bad for the us know iPhone and Nike for the us 🤣🤣😂😂

  23. viziunz13 V13

    Everything trump does is genius in the Business Dept. His supposed mixed signals are just psyching out the chinese

  24. Jorge Espinoza

    I'm trying to believe CBS' talking points but the sound bytes they use to propose them just don't cut it…
    Trying hard to make a punch land.

  25. Toedy Hood

    You can, in fact, be an enemy while having great leadership skills. He didn’t say “he is a great man”. You understand it exactly the way that you want to understand it

  26. Kevin Mcneil

    Only stupid people think that …….

  27. Michael Wilson

    Good God please when is this nightmare going to end?? This man does not know what he is doing and this was the best option for this country??😫😕😐😒

  28. Money Maker

    You can't fix stupid😔

  29. ztop ztop

    CBS– stop misrepresenting Trump's statements and acting as if you didn't understand them. You're just too hateful and dishonesty to represent Trump's position intelligently and honestly. It's sad to see American news offer propaganda instead of news. You can't be trusted and that's sad. Everyone else at the G7 understands Trump's position but you.

  30. Anonymous

    If you don't know that Trump is all talk by now then you're an idiot. The American people are the only people hanging on Trump's every word. Everyone else around the world sees Trump for what he is…all talk and no bite.

  31. Saint Robert's

    The only ones confused are the democrats as usual.

  32. K W


  33. Czr S

    I want to say sorry to the world. Sorry America decided to put this idiot in out office.

  34. Frank Silva

    CBS will you for ONCE just stop trashing our President and stop supporting our enemies?

  35. Tony Branham

    Trump Derangement Syndrome has CBS and other MSM destroying themselves with Fake News

  36. Michael Z.

    The idiot liberal media doesn’t understand how to negotiate

  37. Michael Antoniotti

    President Trump has them all pushing each other out of the way just to get a picture with him! TCO – DJT

  38. Cesar Varela

    End who is going to be responsible for all that losed money because of Trump war trade I mean who is going to stop the resection

  39. Energy

    it's pretty ovious the economy is fine the left just moved a bunch of money out to make it look like the economy was dropping an create fear so other ppl pull there money out for a bit remember ppl these elite china sell outs are stupid rich and this is how they get even richer by scaring everyone by pulling money out making the dow go down to make Trump look bad, then throwing it back in after it gets cheaper again, you know those sell outs don't want to come back to America. It is so they can get more gains off you. We have money pouring in the elite are just trying to minipulate the economy to get richer and take back power so they can sell that out too to benefit them.

  40. Tessa Rossa

    I'm looking forward to November 3rd, the day I can finally feel like we are free of this digusting skid mark of a sleazeball and all the little frothing brownshirts who spent 8 years telling us how bad Obama was and then THIS is what they support. Just… wow.

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