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    Now if trump can get the government to return every penny stolen from Social Security before another red cent of our money is given to foreign aid.

  2. Guapo24k

    What happened to draining the swamp (insurance, private healthcare, Wall Street, big tech,etc) all are going to be able to kick up their feet and relax because he’s making it easier for them by confusing the American people….haven’t ya noticed anytime anything comes up all politicians have to say is the opposite of it and there will always be people who want to pick a side no matter the issue

  3. Joe Shaloom

    Scam by the biggest scam artist the world has ever seen.

  4. AlabamaJRB

    You commenters must not want the country to continue to run while the Hoaxing Dems keep trying to impeach.
    Get over it. Learn how impeachment works. Learn how our government works.
    Most didn't pay attention to that part in school.(the comments 100% back that up)

  5. Shilonious Monk

    Con artists

  6. 胡开亮


  7. Leon Rod

    Great job President Trump, If the Democrats don"t understand the order its because they need to see the doctor for their "brain" disorders=TDS!!

  8. Mike Brandon

    Too little too late mr. Bone spurs you need to leave the health care to those that know how to execute a decent plan you know the Democrats

  9. Nancy Desch

    "Great Healthcare" – there's that favorite Donnie word "great".  What is great about it?  It's just trying to get around the impeachment situation – trying to stir up his stupid base.  God what a mess we've got with this maniac at the helm.

  10. Jacob Kinpaler

    Genocide of those who don't make enough to afford health insurance of any kind…all a hospital has to do is stabilize a patient (by federal law) and they can kick the patient to the curb without any additional treatment. If ya can't get minimum medicaid (see states that require a person to be found disabled by the federal goverment) may as well see how long you can survive doing otc treatment cause if Trump and all politicians have their ways you may as well make your reservations for the Dead Man/Woman's Party now, cause you'll be just dying to get in.

  11. Vanita Taylor-Fulton

    he's lying = his lips are moving

  12. monroe444444

    He has been holding out on all policies knowing he would face impeachment. Anyone who believes this crap deserves another four years of this maniac. I do feel very badly for the rest of Americans, however.

  13. Monica Villegas

    Aca si no te mata la enfermedad te matan los costos! Es inaccesible. EL PEOR SISTEMA DE SALUD PARA LA CLASE MEDIA!

  14. db

    Why did bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama collectively take out close to 5 trillion dollars out of Medicare?

  15. Vinoth Shepard


  16. James Roguski


  17. Emiliano Zapata

    This is pretty much the same plan that Paul Ryan of Wisconsin spent years trying to slime into law. It is the first big step toward Ryan's lifetime goal of privatizing the Medicare system

    Read Section Three!

    Section 3: Providing More Plan Choices to Seniors. (a) Within 1 year of the date of this order, the Secretary shall propose a regulation and implement other administrative actions to enable the Medicare program to provide beneficiaries with more diverse and affordable plan choices. The proposed actions shall:

    (i) encourage innovative MA benefit structures and plan designs, including through changes in regulations and guidance that reduce barriers to obtaining Medicare Medical Savings Accounts and that promote innovations in supplemental benefits and telehealth services;

    (ii) include a payment model that adjusts supplemental MA benefits to allow Medicare beneficiaries to share more directly in the savings from the program, including through cash or monetary rebates, thus creating more incentives to seek high-value care; and

    (iii) ensure that, to the extent permitted by law, FFS Medicare is not advantaged or promoted over MA with respect to its administration.

    (b) The Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, shall submit to the President, through the Assistants to the President for Domestic and Economic Policy, a report within 180 days from the date of this order that identifies approaches to modify Medicare FFS payments to more closely reflect the prices paid for services in MA and the commercial insurance market, to encourage more robust price competition, and otherwise to inject market pricing into Medicare FFS reimbursement.


  18. George Rivera

    I don't know how many Executive Orders President Trump has signed because I have only heard of a few unlike Obama who used them to circumvent Congress and thereby evade oversight.

  19. shadow of pain

    Into the hands of corp greed. No doubt ruined forever. Will need 160 billion a day bail outs like his economy eventually.

  20. BeachBum

    CORPORATE HELP. It EXPANDS private medicare plans, allowing more companies to get involved. Nothing more. He's such a liar. Claiming dems want to eliminate private healthcare. He's a criminal and embarrassment to U.S. Plus he did it at a retirement village full of his supporters so it looks like he's working instead of watching faux and friends and tweeting all day or playing golf for 340 million tax dollars.

  21. BeachBum

    Right, after doing everything in rethugs power to remove pre=existing conditions and completely dismantling healthcare. Small print is probably very destructive and self serving since he promised rethug senators if he's re-elected he will end SS and medicare.

  22. Jay Free

    This executive order is simply an attempt at distraction. It is a hollow gesture with malevolent intention.

  23. Dante Solaris

    For who?

  24. Quay Wood

    This is the same dip…. Who said in his second term he will disassemble Medicare an Medicaid an enjoy it. The white hairs better wake up and smell
    This for what it is snake oil pure and simple.

  25. Lamont Edwards

    How you fix something you broke?

  26. MOE Aranda

    That lady on the left looks like the one that shot Selena's 🤣

  27. Lynn Appleby

    What a con man.

  28. Jiri Zhanel

    Medicare for all.
    After you're impeached.

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