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  1. G G

    He looks like he has syphilis

  2. Joe K.

    Why does he feel like he has to lie about this episode? And then to call the press "sick" for inquiring about this odd way of doing things. Besides, his physical would have been done during normal business hours, definitely at the docs office in the White House, and would never be split up into stages, two months apart. He's a winner alright!!!

  3. K. Ruger

    Holy Guacamole!!! Now this is news!!!!!!!!!!!! We must know more – the republic depends upon it. fellow subjects, i mean citizens Oo

  4. J.D. Garcia

    When he speaks about the media, I agree. The media is the worse enemy the American people have. Their hands are fool of innocent blood. And if speak Spanish, you would know that the Mexican President, has the same problem with the Mexican press. He is fighting corruption from the Top to the bottom of the chain, and the press in Mexico is as corrupt as, if not more than the USA. Both Presidents love their countries, and their peoples. And the press can't stand that. Because of their special interests.

  5. MrBoone12350

    Thank God for our FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. Just another example of how much Trump hates the bed rock of our great nation— THE US CONSTITUTION.

  6. r. decline

    So he tells his wife he’s going to get a physical, then he decides on the spur of the moment to go, and she doesn’t realize he has gone and thinks he’s had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital? He’s gone an hour or two, which includes the exam, a visit to someone in an operating room (which he’d have to be scrubbed for), and a tour. So the exam must have been 35-40 minutes. And it’s all because January is going to be so busy there won’t be an extra 35-40 minutes? Trumps stories make no sense.

  7. Chris Rockey

    What did you do there? What tests? How hard is that to ask

  8. Jill Peacock

    We heard He was being checked out at Walter Reed…. Supposedly they thought He was poisoned.

  9. Bennett Brauer

    The impeachment hearings are clearly taking a toll on him

  10. E T

    Mental evaluation?

  11. IK Rico

    Pretty bad when you have to dash the hopes of those wishing you ill.

  12. K K

    CBS…you all are kooks! No dr can diagnosis a condition over TV…
    Lol lol lol……this is Political BS……

  13. Renee Gordon

    He was in the operating room???

  14. Cladrastis

    Why couldn't he just say I had a routine visit at the hospital *(STOP)*. I am healthy *(STOP). *I went to see a family and toured the hospital while there. *(STOP)*. So the rumors about my heart attack are untrue. *{STOP}*.

  15. Adam

    Trump is over weight

  16. RagaSHOT

    If trump's mouth is open, he is lying

  17. The Old Gringo

    tRUMP lies again. Here's proof, it's Saturday and he goes to Walter Reed and not a golf course.

  18. Arthur Moore

    Hello people have a world distance to Mississippi for at this point you will and we all going to have to watch this white nationalist president because this man here have something on his mind and William Boss as well so now we are in a very dangerous stage in life that we going to have to defend ourselves

  19. Joanne Devine

    Because we're all praying for an end to your madness….goodbye already, Crook in Charge.

  20. ToniHunterOne

    I didn't hear any news person say he had a massive heart attack. I heard speculation about why he would see a doctor off schedule. And just to prove to us it was "a very good visit" he met a family waiting for his son to get out of surgery. Hmmm.

  21. topfuel29

    If t-Rump says he has no health issues, you can bet the Farm he does.

  22. Hank Terreros

    "Stress, Stress, Stress", Nothing his daily cup of "portland stool hardener' can't handle.

  23. able street

    I hope they find he has a terminal disease and less than a week to live! That would be the best news ever!

  24. EL KEVIN

    He don't believe it himself

  25. EL KEVIN


  26. Glasford Evans

    Wait a minute mr. President what are you saying the media is a terrorist?.oh my God be careful CNN be careful

  27. Jim Johnson

    Dems believing Trump has health issues, but Pesoi, Ginsberg and Clinton are just fine, lmao

  28. MAGA and Elect Bernie Sanders

    Last time I checked physicals aren’t done in sessions

  29. master grandfatha

    He has lost his damn mind. Impeach and REMOVE this dangerous man NOW!!

  30. Adonis

    And I weigh 230 pounds.

  31. Epoh Ecnatsnoc

    Well damn.

  32. B E

    So, he was sniffing Adderall like Scarface, had chest pains and went to hospital because he figured it was a heart attack. 😉

  33. Happytime Harry

    I want to find out if CNN actually said he had a heart attack. I seriously doubt it. Lately his lies and fantasies have become even more fantastical. For example, he said they hired the worlds best climbers, to test his wall. Simply untrue. And there was no reason to lie, other than it is the kind of thing his base wants to believe.

  34. Paranoid Android

    They actually speak to each other? Who keeps laughing in the background? You would think Dave Chappelle is up there doing comedy.. jeesus Christ..

  35. Andrew Garcia


  36. G. Alston

    The media is corrupt when they dont do your bidding. This is what you wanted after Obama. Enjoy all of it.

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