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  1. YeahYeah Yeah

    As they should also

  2. Brian Haskins

    Now, October 6, 2019, Republicans are covering up by claiming Trump was "kidding" about China.

    That is unacceptable. At a most serious time, Trump knows Democrats and the Free Press aren't laughing. No one laughs in a courtroom, and this is the courtroom of public opinion.

  3. Peter Siu

    Mr Xi and Mr Trump are good friends, aren't they? And Xi is looking forward to helping Trump's running for President in 2020, isn't he?

  4. T Tong

    China should investigate you CRACK trump for illegal tariffs on China in the name of " national security"

  5. jpcyphers

    You can't fix stupid, and Donald J Trump is the poster child of stupid… what a joke…LMFAO!

  6. Pick 1 Mike

    Ohhhh I love to dance a little side step,
    Now they see me now they don't I've come and gone
    and Ohhhh I love to sweep around the wide Step
    Cut a little swath and lead the people on.

    Sure would be a relief to awake tomorrow and our president was Andrew Yang.

  7. Shiva Bagheri

    That is so funny that they call that debunked stolen emails. Funny that they haven’t shown ANY evidence to debunk it. I’m a person that needs facts. Where are the facts! There are more facts to proof the so-called conspiracy theory. Anytime the media uses these words just know they’re trying to shame you for looking into things that you should be looking in to!

  8. Shiva Bagheri

    Let’s see who really colluded with Ukraine for the 2016 election. That would be the DNC! Who used Russians that spread disinformation? That would be Kavalec who Steele used in the Steele Dossier! What do they use this dossier for? To smear the president releasing it to BuzzFeed and to use a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant! Also, not to mention our 20% of our Uranium sold! James Comey knew that this was salacious and unverified because he told Trump it was. He also said it when he was interviewed in a congressional hearing. Yet he use this to spy on the Trump team. Rosenstein signed the last one. You should see Rosenstein‘s connection to the Uranium One Deal! This cabal is trying to take down the president before they shine a light on them. That’s the REAL story! And the president has every right to investigate corruption that happened between us and other foreign entities so this kind of thing never happens again! That’s why he has no problem saying it straight. You guys have lost every bit of credibility you ever had in your disgusting reporting! The people are smarter than this!

  9. Chris Brown

    Well done ABC news on how you switched clips around of that Trump talk on the lawn to look more suspicious. Trump actually said about having 'many options with china if they don't do what we want' before mentioning anything about Biden and was actually involved in talking about economy war with China. Typical trying to make it worse than it seems.

  10. Randy Bandit

    Just give us better options

  11. Daniel Kraemer

    Donald trump is a pedophile

  12. Jenn Glenn

    Stop trump !! Don’t let this pedo ruin more of yo yep!! Damn pedo jo helloo to pedo

  13. Jenn Glenn

    Forget jo!! Gots to go!!



  15. nunya

    It's amazing that a man who's crying that investigations into his affairs are a witch-hunt, but he feels that saying the Biden's should be investigated on national television is just fine. Just shows how messed up he really is. Totally out of touch with reality.

    If I was him, I would be playing it cool and trying my best to get reelected. Cause if he loses, there could be some nasty legal manoeuvres awaiting his fat ass. It's really amazing he wasn't investigated years ago. And I'm sure if he wasn't president, he would be caught up in the "me too" movement. This guy is begging to lose it all.

  16. Michael Kelleher

    Who needs comedy tv when you have left wing media😂😂😂😂 FAKE NEWS AGAIN.
    Lol first of all australia already said we told trump he didnt tell us lol. Second why shouldnt there be an investigation of the corruption of the former presidency. Third of all the russia/steel bullshit was russian information from a british spy. That would be getting dirt on a political rival from a forighn country to change an american election. So for all you dipshits saying you cant do that, it's exactly what obama biden hillary did to trump. Lol the hypocracy is amazing 😂😂😂. Thanks for 2020 dummies lol TRUMP MAGA

  17. Sharon Sandberg

    Trump has U.S. involved in an embittered trade war. Chinese officials will be in Washington next week to meet with Trump. He says. "I have a lot of options in China. But if they don't do what we want, we have tremendous power." WTF!

  18. Switch raps official

    So when biden looses the primary trump can finish his inveatigation ?

  19. Denver James

    Trump is a trader to are country trader

  20. A. Osman

    If I commit a crime on national Tv, then it's not a crime.

  21. David Chan

    Why would China give Biden's son $1.5 Billion when all Clinton got was $1 Million before being admitted into WTO?

  22. JT

    Black or white everybody that has voted for this clown I can't take serious with decision making skills. Look at this buffoonery and lack of professionalism since day 1🤣🤣🤣

  23. Maja-Danmark

    I want to know who advised him to mention China plus answer the question about what he wanted Ukraine to do re the Bidens. The same question that he refused to answer the day before.

  24. marmar Blt

    You edited at 1:30 to make it seem what is not. He said the last statement in the very beginning when he 1st addressed the cameras. Shame abc

  25. Zachary Page

    Joe Biden is finished. He's done. No evidence of wrong doing??? Oh please. It's over. Mark my words. Trump wins in 2020 by a landslide

  26. Barbara Bueno-Welton

    This SOB has no fucking shame!!!

  27. Shiva Bagheri

    Here’s the REAL story! And it’s even in a liberal media source!

  28. Daniel Heaton


  29. Matt skeletor

    He is going to be the next 69..

  30. It's Meekers

    Ok Lefties time for your education. The President can investigate anyone he wants and ask for help and here is why it's obvious that Biden has done something against the law and its the president's job to run the executive branch. Now if he were no able to do this all anyone that has foreign dealings that are shady is run against the president to impede Justice. If it were not against the law when the dems kept saying Russia Collusion delusion for 3 years every one of them would be impeachable. Drunkard Steffie needs to resign for lying on the air claiming the charges inaccurate and false since Biden can't explain away the video of him bragging he did it and the photos of him hunter and the foreign businessman. You cant kiss on Russia with the collusion delusion and now cry when you stupidly get caught. The Democratic Party is done, you shouldn't of allowed the all-inclusive gay pervert party to wipe pervert all over you.


    The deep state AIPAC is using law enforcement agencies to take out Trump. #blueisis

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