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  1. David Atchison

    Steven Miller is the devil

  2. Soraw Y

    The devil have more of a heart than this Administration

  3. Peter Sampson

    God bless her. I hope and pray she remains ok.

  4. I'm Aimée Miami

    Anyone remember how Fox news and Republicans used to go on about Obamacare death panels?

  5. Marlowe Dugger

    Send his family back to Italy or where ever his ancestors came from

  6. C Love

    Go Lawrence call out that wicked racist evil skank Dump. It's ridiculous policies are gross and inhumane Which fits dump because Lucifer is what it is. Take this to the streets my people. Thus young lady is a freakin human being. We non brainwashed civil educated American voters have a heart. Bring it.

  7. Darrell Morin

    this has to be the 900 th pundit to come on and say "We should do this…we should do that". Nothing ever gets done, its all lip service. Tomorrow there will be another talking head saying how bad Trump is and again and saying we should do something…nothing will get done.

  8. Cynthia Hawkins

    'end of discretion=end of compassion'. Thanks for clarifying.

  9. Cynthia Hawkins

    Ironic, isn't it? If Trump's son developed this condition, he would move Heaven and Earth, bully the Doctors, and the hospital, to ' make sure my kid gets well.." Yet a brave young Guatemalan woman, who remained here at the requests of her Doctors, was in the forefront in helping develop new treatments for this illness. Others are now being helped because she was in the trial for the new medication, now FDA approved. ANd in his own xenophobic, bass-ackwards fashion, he manages to shoot off his own foot, look like a fool, and imperil the lives of people who never did anything wrong – except of course, be the wrong skin tone, or from the wrong country. God help us as a nation if we let this travesty happen, and this young lady dies as a result. And Mr. President, don't you DARE blame the Democrats. This one's…on you. Totally.

  10. SkyGemini

    "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."
    ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

    That man would weep to see what the US has been turned into by individuals like drumpf. He certainly wouldn't recognise the place. You have been turned into the exact polar opposite of everything he stood for.

  11. Wendy Ladd

    Alright, Right to life people. Do you Only care about human life before it breathes outside the womb ? If you believe in Right to Life then you should be outraged by these plans to make medical patients leave with the probability of death if they do… and don't forget that woman that the Republican party kept on life support against the wishes of her family ( George W. Bush ) went all the way back to Washington to sign the emergency bill to keep her alive. (But she was white) Think WWJD?? for real. Justice and mercy or Cruelty ???

  12. Eva Sartorius

    Don't give Trump an off ramp.  As for Miller he would need a brain transplant.

  13. Lawrence Hawkins

    I find it hard to believe the EU, especially Britain, France, Sweden, and most of all Germany, doesn't have the Medical wherewithal to treat this girl. Amazing. Stupefying.

  14. Sarah DuBois

    if they don't save her they have murdered her.

  15. Fishie Fishie

    republicans/trump/Moscow mitch Have No Humanity. Does ARE Congress ? We Know The Great "Squad" Has a Great Heart, Great Minds, And Way More Class Then any occupying The WH .

  16. Plínio Valente

    WH straight up killing people.

  17. Plínio Valente

    WH straight up killing people.

  18. Plínio Valente

    WH straight up killing people.

  19. Plínio Valente

    WH straight up killing people.

  20. M.A

    There is nothing anyone can do persuade Stephen Miller. This is a man that protested janitors in his youth. He is the cruelest of men.

  21. Who am I ? No one!

    She's right ! Crimes against humanity…. We cry out……
    Trump's murdering people !!!!

  22. Jaywalk 2020

    Steve Miller is devoid human empathy. He doesn’t care.

  23. Elle Bee

    UNTIL Amurikkka addresses its original sin, Everything else is going to fail. We have been screaming righteousness to you ALL since before I was born. We are. We matter. We told you and yours for eons. Support us, so we can support you…. and yours. Fair is fair! #Reparations1st bless you and us all!

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