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  1. China Uncensored

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  2. Nintendo Fanboi

    china is just north korea with money and technology

  3. AA CC

    hes talking to his assistant but he has no ear phone …… hes lost his mind

  4. sstchan924

    Time for all Americans to use their brains and hands instead of just the thumbs and mouths.


    Why should Americans support a country that uses slaves and wants to destroy freedom . Communist China sucks hairy donkey balls we don't need China all you globalist fags

  6. Black Swan

    China is bluffing. Its northern agri areas have practically stopped yielding grain and other crops due to abrupt changes from heat to cold, dust storms from the west, excess rain/ snow followed by drought. It is staring famine in the face
    Every previous solar minimum (once in 400 years) has toppled a Chinese regime due to food shortages
    Trump needs to show a little patience and then ….

  7. Alexander Yangov

    I have kind of got used to it. Every time it seems China and the US reached a deal, then they were at each others' throats few days later.

  8. Zidane Crespi

    Bullshit, fake news and hoax

  9. Turning Null

    YEah, the logic is simple, once china become good we just say cheating, and china did something bad is real, Jesus. lol

  10. Denniol Seligi

    beware of the comunis and the China… its the second coming of Nazi

  11. VIXZ777 MK99

    just wondering Chris do you know Chinese ?

  12. Evan Esse

    Deal,deal,deal,deal,deal Trump 2020 let's make a deal, war deal, economic deal,I am calling into work if the boss doesn't make a deal,I might pay my bills only if they make me a good deal because the current bills are too much need to make a deal make them cheaper kinda deal. Might just get arrested but get off because I will make a deal.

  13. k g

    Cold War 2.0

  14. Bakr York

    I live in China. ALWAYS WRITE IT DOWN.

  15. thefast427

    The Chinese are running low on foreign currency reserves (down to $2 Trillion from massive amounts real estate and intrastructure construction projects ) as they are tapping into them to offset the US Tariffs. Chinese plan was to wait out Trump and hope for a corrupt Democrat to take office but they are hoping to lure the US into a "handshake deal" and get a little relief from tarrifs until the 2020 election. China cannot negotiate a trade deal as it would end China's planned economic supremacy and domination.

  16. Scotlands Unicorn

    Someone eliminate Trump already and make sure Pence is took out straight after him, they're pushing their Catholic agenda and I'm a Catholic but I believe we can all get along together and proof of that is here in Scotland. The old firm days lets off some steam and things are normal all year round except from those old firm days and even they have calmed way down from what they used to be like. SECONDLY; DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT let Tulsi in that white house or Russia will fully own y'all and a civil war WILL start as soon as you all realise wtf is going on. I honestly just thought the dumb american thing was just banter between friends but it turns out it's true smh. I get the part were you elected him, I would have done the same when Hillary was running but c,mon guys you've seen what he's all about now, wipe the egg off your face and don't double down. It's ok to admit you were wrong, these people are deceitful scumbags.

  17. Kitty 2018

    Never made any deals with devils… they will just deceive and prolong their end time.

  18. crownpanda

    trump and his joke appointees are liars, I thought he was gonna maga but it only seems to be about his ego. He won't do anything ultimately because he's in the pocket of wall street bs'ers who always turn a blind eye to china illegal behavior for the money, weakening America.

  19. Aka U ToTo7

    Lips looks likes La_ _ _s. ?.

  20. 7gmeister

    This vid shows just how no one understands how subsidizing farming has hurt us!
    I was wondering why Trump was demanding that China buy farming goods and obviously he’s not so this is a good thing!
    What’s his end game? ..Who knows?
    But farm subsidies are bad! The government needs to get out of ALL markets! They are the reason for our shitty food and they are the reason there’s monopolies in nearly every major business and they are the reason for big tech having so much control and destroying mom and pop businesses

  21. Festus Omega

    Put 100% tariffs on everything produced or assembled on China. Choke them out. So what if we have to pay $15 for what now is $7 worth of garbage? So what if companies are forced to find new markets in India and Indonesia instead of eating CCP semen for every meal? If we keep feeding this monster, it will export its fascist totalitarianism to private citizens around the whole world.

  22. Frankie Clayton

    No deal

  23. Frankie Clayton

    Will continue people ask Jesus Christ the holy spirit who knows everything what is to come John 16:12-15

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