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  1. show bread

    Get rid of the corrupt Federal Reserve or at least audit it !

  2. marblebuyer1

    Wells FAR-gone this guy is a BS ARTIST over paid and a LIAR

  3. MichaelAngelo RevSantee

    That BlowHard is Only Interested in Profits, Not out National Securety with regard To china, WHICH By the Way, In Case you forgot Already, the Fuckin Chinese STOLE Most of the Fuckin OCEAN ? Some call it, The South China Sea, as Is it's China's Alone ? 7 Other Nations are IN the fuckin so called South China Sea ! and You want to MAKE a Fuckin DEAL WITH Such S.O.B.s ?

  4. Christopher Headley

    Exactly Trump

  5. N R

    I can see what he's talking about. I was in both a spy in Target and didn't look like there was a whole lot of people.

  6. Ekene

    God bless Trump

  7. Ekene

    Best president ever

  8. jeff davis

    china will be interfering in 2020 elections bit the dimms don't care, Trump will win anyway

  9. Wok Gees

    Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted For Bribery And Fraud

  10. Top Secret Bear

    Wells Fargo has been defrauding & basically robbing Americans for decades. Even elderly and veterans that were serving over seas. They have been caught over and over and the only reason they still exist is because obama and others used our money to bail them out. I dont care what this clown has to say. Anyone connected to wells fargo should be in prison.

  11. Judith Rhice

    We should never do business with thieving Communist China.

  12. Love Works

    Trump got trouble getting a fair trade with China…Biden and son hauls out millions and millions without effort! enuf said. Why is no one deep diving that investigation?

  13. Richard Brouillard

    trump will take care of things always does

  14. EBobby Sing

    There should be no trade deal because the USA will only unilaterally exit from that deal. Just look at USA Russia's INF Nuclear Treaty and the JCPA Iran Nuclear Deal.

  15. Wok Gees

    Puer aeternus

  16. Joe Brister

    We cannot trust this Communist Regime of China all they are doing is buying time to build their military presence taking over Islands so close to Australia it's getting scary they are preparing for war if we stopped buying their goods now their economy will collapse and this lying stealing chilling Freedom crushing regime will be too busy dealing with their own people and the riots just like Hong Kong this is what we need to do people or you will be giving your freedoms and your life over to this Chinese Communist Regime think about it🇱🇷

  17. AB

    lol. What a failure of a president.

  18. Joe Brister

    This guy sounds like he's backtracking she just told him that we had super high numbers for the weekend and then he turns around with his back pedaling and start saying something about weather didn't help he kept trying to turn this narrative around with this stupid recession talk I like the way she put him in his place

  19. Wave Dancer

    China thinks they have all the aces in there hands! We'll see! It will be a titanic fight! But China has to revise it's attitude in general. The communist brainwashing and aggressive conditioning of it's population must stop. Also the theft of the West-Philippine sea! China has NO rights there!

  20. rose ison

    China don't like we don't want their cheap products anymore.We want made in America! Support American jobs!

  21. Jose Duran

    NATO, is not an alliance of friends and the Europeans are fair weather friends, and the Germans the French, and the Northern democracies because of their socialists leanings and nanny estate policies are mired in the climate change hoax, and the theory although being very thin on proof , has the whole left wing parties and governments over there hell bent on committing their countries to that stupid cult, no sciences. Like in north America, the universities are totally corrupted with the cool aid of climate change where they do not what is going on and preach appeasements towards the dictatorships and hate of the American democracy. Socialism ,it looks good but all us know, that the socialists can't run good economies, they prey on good growing economies and transform them into crappy ones.

  22. Treeman Pierson

    He doesn't care what others think he is the President and he's the one who has to answer to the American people and he knows what he's doing when most others don't

  23. Green Hornet

    We are now the crap country and China, Russia and India will continue walking all over us. Vote to get trump out of office and all of the traitors in the republican party They sold us out to Russia even Tucker Carson admitted that he was for Russia ………Traitors get out of our Country I can't believe Americans are selling us out for the White Nationalist party

  24. Bambi Able

    He has SAID this exact thing before….FAKE NEWS FOX

  25. Shane Hannon

    Not even a full point in downturn, do not listen to these liars.

  26. Robert Griffin

    Nixon and Kissinger opened up China and i knew it was a bad move then and 35 yrs of job destruction ,families losing everything, states crumbling.3rd world street camping i mean only a communist or a crooked american making money from it would approve to continue and we cannot period,let those who took us there lose their shirts the party is over. the so called service economy failed and we must go back to manufacturing what we use or were going down permanently

  27. Hoof Hearted

    Chinese word can’t be trusted. We created this Chinese monster and now we must stop it America

  28. Eli

    China has a serious banking problem as well as their bond markets. They need us more than we need them

  29. Draft Dodging Don

    I would love to feel xi jinpig's tongue deep inside my rectum

  30. Brenda

    Tell Pelosi to get off the trade deal!!!!

  31. Daryl S

    Wow, he sure uses the word "probably" a lot. And the euphemisms added to the bafflegab about rounds out his opinion on it. None of what did happened in the last 3 years was foreseen.. so …. yawn

  32. Sunshine Patsoph


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