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  1. Christine Flat-Romance

    More you know the less you believe:

    – The sun (single light source) cannot send light beams at different distances simultaneously (especially winter solstice)

    – Midnight sun at southern hemisphere is physical impossibility on flat earth

    – Things at different distances do not hide behind the same horizon on a flat surface

    – The visible horizon cannot expand when we only increase altitude on flat surface

    – The two celestial poles forms geometrical impossibility on flat earth

    – On flat earth we would see southern constellations simultaneously at multiple locations and that's not what we see (geometrical impossibility)

    – Real life phenomena such as the sun/moon eclipses and planet transit ain't possible on flat earth

    – Astronomical prediction works with accuracy of a second for centuries ahead only in heliocentric model (math can't go both ways from flat to globe).

  2. A Corner of The Internet

    I was looking for video of acid rain, not acid for my brain. come on, YT, this "flat earth" conspiracy shit is getting really old, unlike the age of the theory, ironically.

  3. gpettipas

    The Truth About Climate Change – Dr. Patrick Moore – Greenpeace Co-Founder

  4. gpettipas

  5. MaVe 64

    Sean, as far as I know, China doesn't have replica's of cities. They only have a replica of 'small' stuff, like the eifel tower with some french houses, or a street with dutch houses. But certainly not replica's of whole cities. The only things replicated are the monuments and houses. Like the eifel tower.

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