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  1. Dark Seed

    I normally don't do this, but I felt the need to call out Opinionated Azzhole for being a lying fraud, as well as a quite disgusting human being in general. I know, I know, a flat earther was lying? Imagine that.

    This is directly from the side chat:

    Opinionated Azzhole – @Zep tepi I dont watch youtube…im indoctrinated and I decided to use my brain. No JEWTUBE for me.

    Zep tepi – You're telling me on youtube that you don't watch youtube? Seriously? @opinionated azzhole

    Opinionated Azzhole – no i dont watch youtube (for educational purposes) i chat

    So I took a look at Opinionated Azzhole's YouTube channel Linked Videos, and what do you think I found? HUNDREDS of YOUTUBE VIDEOS, to include some of the following topics: Flat Earth; Transvestigations; Sovereign Citizens; Free Masons; Fake Space; NASA Conspiracies; Fundamental Christianity; Fake News; Eric Dubay; Nathan Oakley; Satanism; Lizardmen. That's just a dozen topics, and he has many many more of the same old prejudicial, homophobic, conspiratorial nonsense videos which he has clearly watched for "educational purposes."

    Of particular interest were these two videos: 1) Math Antics – The Pythagorean Theorem and 2) Algebra – Pythagorean Theorem. These videos are the obvious source of the rediculous geometry arguments he was making all night in side chat. ALL his material and arguments are derived from YOUTUBE!

    Opinionated Azzhole is a confirmed liar, and all the evidence presented proves my assertion beyond a reasonable doubt. Take note Reality Deniers…that's how you gather evidence and prove a claim. BOOM!!!

  2. Lauri Lehtiaho

    Gold from the sidechat: Iraq is in Africa (Opinionated Azzhole).

    Sure thing, mate, and Finland is in Asia. In fact it shares a border with China.

  3. fred jones

    Watch FE types weave and dodge when asked to explain, what holds the sun up, what causes tides, what causes curved moon phases, what causes eclipses, where are meteorites and comets coming from, why can’t Polaris be seen south of the equator etc etc. The thing is that you can't actually show a flat earther the logic of how they are wrong because their low IQ and education coupled with a 'conspiracy' mental illness results in them denying reality.

  4. Lauri Lehtiaho

    The definition of a zombie being "Not inquisitive outside their personal interests" can easily include Flat Earthers.

    The only difference is they added one personal interest more, but outside that, I am not sure many Flerfs are inquisitive or open-minded.

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