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  1. ZamTheDude

    uWu I'm also excited with that beautiful dress… It suits with u

  2. Pauline Ann

    Love the dress but is it difficult to get om and off?

  3. ichiberrygo

    KARIII I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! ; w ; The dresses look really good on you! I can't wait to see you wear more!! >w <

  4. StickManJam

    You and the dress looked so beautiful, and good job at getting the vid edited so quick :kariipog:

  5. Rita Mendes

    It looks so good on you

  6. 카산드라

    You look beautiful in that dress ! ❤️

  7. bigmervinc

    Another wonderful video, I don't wear dresses but it looks magnificent. I'm so happy your happy. Keep reaching for the stars

  8. shotZboy

    Fuyoohh 👍👍👍

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