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  1. Ayush Jain

    Umer Farooq,
    Deepak Rathore,
    Abdullah Qureshi,

  2. Animesh Rao

    I am mature season 2 kab ayega ??

  3. debanjan goswami


  4. HS_ 4406

    Concept inspired by rani mondal .😁😁

  5. Alex Mustang

    Prateek kuhad ❤️❤️❤️


    Tvf never has never disappointed…lovely song 😍

  7. khushi rocking girl


  8. Tanvi Banjan

    Yehi pyaar hai

  9. Dev Kurre

    I guess, next episode will feature Nilotpal Bora.
    Am i right TVF?

  10. Jay Patel

    Jasleen royal

  11. anonymous indian

    People don't watch this they have to give 100 mill views to shit Shirley or dumbass autotuned Punjabi songs

  12. Darshan Joshi

    Great first pick! This can definitely bring some hidden gems if they stick to music that really need spotlight. The local train, Advaita, Maatibani, Bombay Bandook.

  13. John Wick

    Get Ankur Tewari , the local train , last cigarette, Lifafa , Osho Prokekt and last but not least , Samar mehdi

  14. jatin kukreja

    Where is mention for Cold/Mess ?

  15. Kumar Pawar

    Go for an episode with the Local Train!

  16. Mohit Rana

    Osho jain, Bharat Chauhan, Piyush Bhisekar please

  17. Pritam Soni

    Palak Jain

  18. Steve Stark

    Bring Osho Jain in the show please 😀

  19. Koushik Deb

    Anuv Jain would be great.

  20. Suraj Verma

    What a lyrics yr.. Wow

  21. Manoranjan Jha

    I was talking about this initiative to this to my friend a month before .

  22. Ritu S.

    He is so precious. Please don't make him more mainstream!

  23. rohan singh

    get Parvaaz

  24. Fab Five

    Oh bhai!! Kharche horahe

  25. bhrasht brahman

    माध्यम band को भी बुलाना 🔥🔥

  26. Pushpak Sharma

    Check out Bharat Chauhan's music.. and pls try to get him on the show

  27. Jaya Suhasini

    When Kota factory season 2 is coming???
    Please tell me please
    Like here those who want to see Kota factory season 2 👇

  28. Wandering Ghost

    Swastic the band , Bharat Chauhan , Anuv Jain , Deepak Rathor Projects , The local train.
    We want all of these in your videos.

  29. Gauri Wayal

    Prateeeek💚 tune kaha, maine sunn liya

  30. Nehal Ghoratkar

    Bring The Local Train, these guys really needs to come into limelight & there hard work must payoff!

  31. shrinjoy

    This is brilliant. when Chai met toast, local train, Peter Cat recording co/Lifafa, Parekh & Singh, Skyharbor, Parvaaz

  32. Jayraj Suthar

    I love this type of content. Bring more and more 🤩🤩

  33. Rohaan Sahu

    Get him, Baiju Dharmajan


    What a beautiful composer he is👏

  35. dev p. singh

    Samar Mehdi, an underrated Indie artist people need to listen.

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