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  1. s.a l.l

    2019 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  2. H

    Man this takes me back

  3. Munkhnasan Geleg


  4. Leandro Lopez


  5. Talena Randall

    What the heck is this guy doing? This isnt the offical channel!

  6. Samir Shamsi

    Was the uber good

  7. BrokenPS2

    Tyler at 0:41: was that josh?

  8. Axeø NFS

    Blurryface era

  9. septic_ guard

    Who ever disliked this video, should die with a heavy dirty soul

  10. Tacos y Tequila

    0:20 Eminem eres tú? xd

  11. Fred Vogel

    can yoj sabe my Fresh avocado

  12. The Rusian

    | – /

  13. Chris Mcclellan

    is this coyright?

  14. bOb dA burD

    I got a Lyft ad lol

  15. Машка obNYAsh-ka


  16. Aymen Azizi

    1:55 the logo on the drums is gone?

  17. Kira Schultz

    Poor Jish needs a hoodie

  18. Michael Castro

    Que ña seta

  19. Naomi Lyons

    I am not getting that taxi

  20. Kaori Miyazono

    Josh: So why do we need to set my drums on fire again?
    Tyler: Content, Josh.

  21. Giovanni Betancourt

    How did you learn how to play the drums Josh 🤨

  22. Sarah kunz

    Poor old caddy

  23. Ace Arch

    man, this whole time…. i thought this song was about a shoe

  24. Sarah Slaske

    Tyler: they say stay in your lane boy

  25. Yes I like JDM

    Your Uber is here josh!

  26. Mausima Pérez

    Wowwwwwwwww you are cool

  27. IsoManiacc 23

    Anyone here because they used to play madden 16? The best ultimate team in madden, damn imma stop cuz the nostalgia

  28. Erich Kruger

    I saw them perform this song live on their bandito tour on the 17th in October and it was AMAZING!

  29. Belén Herrera

    La intro de tu canción es similar a la intro de heavydirtysoul de los tueni o: Hace que me guste mas la verdad c:

  30. Yazid Adalid Crespo Morales

    0 % sex
    0 % girls
    100% talent

  31. Duff Ladd

    New this before literally everyone. Thanks Madden 16

  32. Cody Ackley

    Can you save MY heavy dirty soul?

  33. Pablo Reyes

    Yo desde el 2017

  34. Stephania A

    I used the hip hop to destroy the hip hop

  35. Avery McLaughlin

    I just realized that this came in 2017

  36. Olivia Marina

    On which album is Heathens…?

  37. Yamileth González


  38. noob tuber

    good lied

  39. aiden marcum

    Hola I am very coll pls subsrb

  40. KERM1T TH3 FR4UD

    Death inspires me like a drug inspires an addict 💀💉

  41. ambre le s

    dior j'adore

  42. Cath


  43. FRVR YNG

    когда взял батин жигуль

  44. Ahmed Ali

    If I was a car.
    I will be fueled by ramen.

  45. Emily Esquivel Soria

    Amo está canción 😘😘😘😘😘😚

  46. Aimée R.

    What does 'smokin'm like a basement' means? ☺️💙

  47. DrugganVeji 333V

    GreatSong HeavyDertySoul👌✝🎈👍

  48. Светлана Успенская

    Реакция парней о Росси

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