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  1. George Gu

    If cannot beat them, ban them

  2. David Lomax

    Goodjob Twitter…end this fake news bs.

  3. Show time

    Freedom of speech on twitter and facebook is reserved for real account users and not the 200,000 fake account users sponsored by the communist regime, which were just recently opened few weeks ago, for the sole purpose of spreading propaganda for the communist and nothing else, and these fake accounts illegally trespass the firewall of China by using VPN. The USA big social media platforms want no part with this kind of government conspiracy and do not want to be used as their political tools.

  4. jojoinhere

    i love China!! you can suspend me now…

  5. no brainer

    Free speech is only entitled and accounted for citizens of democratic nations.

  6. George Sahinidis

    This makes me very happy. Making people aware that the Chinese communist party while blocking internet access to it's own citizens (which means westerners cant directly communicate with them unless using their social media which are openly monitored and censored by their government) grants access to its minions who are trained to spread propaganda every day in order to give westerners a false impression. It's been doing it for a long time and spends tons of money on this even buying influential westerners into spreading its messages whenever it can. It's a great economic power and has actually managed over the years to give the whole world a false impression. Like some kind of cult like scientology. Never has a country invested so much in hiding its face. The closest thing is the show nazi germany put on before ww2

  7. megakids

    Coordinated opinion? You mean people believing the same thing? You want to ban the Catholic or the Mormon churches too?

  8. Indream Luo

    I never know they can just use such a way to describe 'censorship'.

  9. Show time

    Many social media have also been flooded by China fifty cents internet warriors commentators. They are using VPN to illegally trespass the China internet firewall to get to social media facebook, twitter, youtube… to leave comments and help spread communist propaganda.

  10. Show time

    Youtube, facebook, twitter, and other social media have been flooded with these fake accounts which were just recently registered and used solely for the purpose of spreading communist regime propaganda. They were back and funded by China government. Many were from inside China and the users used VPN to illegally trespass the China internet firewall in order to get to these social media.

  11. 和蔡蔡用爱发电

    Democracy and free speech is totally a joke in America!
    Watch this:

    The government can Trespass your house shoot anything they want. and need you clean up.

  12. James Wisrik

    Twitter agent of CIA and NSA! Lmfao… hk is China. Let it go.

  13. Wei Xb


  14. netrubbish

    typical white trash always practice double standard. A thief calling others thief

  15. Max S.

    Shut up. We're talking about freedom of speech.

  16. Peter Parker

    The right thing to do.

  17. Aj Wo

    These Hong kongers are a joke. Protesting and rioting for nothing. No reason at all. They are destroying their own city.

  18. Aj Wo

    Who cares!

  19. S Park

    So called "Freedom of speech"=Double standard. So don't pretend to defend democracy and freedom.JUST JOKES. ADMIT IT PLZ

  20. rogers owen

    free speech in the western world? what a hypocritical joke.

  21. Penny Sun

    Here is a joke:
    Freedom of speech…

    More like cut off the other side of story…

  22. keng ming roland choo

    Twitter? What is that? Considered a garbage outside US.

  23. David Miller

    So much for freedom of speech. Personal account has been accused as state-run media and banned. Some of those accounts have supported Donald Trump. You think Chinese state media would do that?

  24. Henry Wong

    retards saying "censorship" blah blah blah but didn't read the word "state-backed" 🤫

  25. jian tang

    Shut up, we are talking about freedom of speech!

  26. Show time

    These are China communist party hired internet warriors commentators. They used VPN and illegally cross the firewall of China to get to youtube and twitters to spread propaganda and fake news on the social media. Almost 1000 accounts? Probably a lot more. They are everywhere on Youtube and Twitter and facebook. You ban them, they will just open another twitter youtube account using VPN to jump firewall. They are like roaches. So many of them.

  27. Richard Nunziata

    Xi Jinping the new Mao Zedong

  28. 搬运工中国娱乐

    WTF, this is censorship. I thought western media has freedom of Speech? So whats is the difference between Western and CCP???

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