Two good hospitals in Chengdu, China

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, and Sichuan is a province of the People's Republic of China. Located in southwestern China, the city is an important economic, transportation and communications center of the country. This city center is considered to be one of the best investment cities in China. Chengdu has many tourist hotspots, often referred to as China's "party city." China's remarkable economic growth is reflected in its healthcare industry, and Chengdu is no exception. Chengdu has many well-equipped hospitals, some of which have VIP wards with modern facilities and English-speaking staff. This article briefly introduces some of the better hospitals in Chengdu.

Parkway Health Chengdu Medical Center from

The city is a major health care institution that provides modern medical services in line with international standards. It is located at Chengdu First People's Hospital, 18 Wanxiang North Road, Fanxiong Avenue, Chengdu. This well-known private hospital is run by the Parkway Group, Asia's largest and most acclaimed healthcare provider. Headquartered in Singapore, Parkway Group has 16 hospitals and more than 45 International Patient Assistance Centers [PPACs] in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Parkway Group has received several global awards, including the health management and service quality of the Asian Hospital Management Awards. Chengdu Center cooperates with many well-known Chinese medical institutions such as Huashan Hospital and Fudan University. The hospital provides the best medical services for all medical professions, including sports and travel medicine. In addition, there are internal departments dedicated to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Effective treatment of asthma, diabetes and anxiety is also feasible. The hospital employs more than 80 internationally trained doctors and an auxiliary bilingual staff to ensure the best treatment and personal care for patients. The surgical department of the Parkway Health Center has a spacious operating room for a variety of surgeries. The 24-hour laboratory, pharmacy and ICU are equipped with the necessary materials and technology. As shown by internal models such as X-ray, CT, and MRI, the hospital's department is technologically advanced. The emergency room is equipped with all the necessary facilities to meet the needs of patients in a variety of emergency situations. The hospital is popular with tourists and offers luxurious accommodation in a pleasant environment. Direct settlement with the International Insurance Group is also provided. Phone: + 86 13981813909

Global Doctor Chengdu Clinic from

Located at No. 62, North of Kehua Road, Libao Building, No. 9-11, S District, Chengdu, adjacent to the US and German consulates. Global Doctors is a leading international healthcare organization that manages many of the top hospitals and emergency support services worldwide. The hospital's customers include employees of international companies such as Siemens, Intel, Nokia, and many international consulates. Global Doctor has established links with the prestigious International Assistance Group [IAG] and all major insurance and aid industry companies. The hospital provides quality medical services in various medical sectors, including dental care, and has been a favorite choice for expatriates and tourists for more than a decade. The hospital has completed doctors and full-time support staff, and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and many new equipment. The hotel also provides services for English, Chinese and Japanese staff. Advising clients on prenatal and prenatal care, immunization, emergency care and laboratory testing. The center conducts accommodation calls, hotel visits, hospital referrals and VIP services through its “Hospital Network Department”. The emergency room of the Chengdu Clinic in the world has a unique 24-hour alarm center that provides ambulance, helicopter or aircraft medical transfer, medical and medical assistance, and medical repatriation services. Phone: + 86-028-85283638

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