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  1. Noah Moreno

    unusual amount of dislikes

  2. Sadicus Ladicus


  3. joe jackson

    2018 bitch

  4. games.

    A unique rapper, Finally.

  5. Dyynn

    What Would You Do Too Get 5 Million Views… Eat A Cockroach

  6. samara


  7. N


  8. Cpt STEEZ

    This comment section is the most confusing I've seen on a rap video. Yikes.

  9. Sophie Mustert

    that cockroach was chocolate

  10. fnsplxsh

    2:12 he took swizZz's eye contacts

  11. fnsplxsh

    did he actually throw up

  12. KoblyGames

    copy right?

  13. KoblyGames

    I like darker songs like this with a hidden meaning and these types of beat so if you know any songs like or share similarities to this kind of music plz let me know 🙂

  14. KoblyGames


  15. Frank The Tank

    tf is this😕 the rap game is dead if this is the future…..

  16. Noah Calderon

    5 years ago 5 million views

  17. Malaya Francis

    you are the best ever

  18. Miguel Vazquez

    when this video ended a loud thunder burst out soo loud like if God was mad at him,well I think he is odd future idk what tha hell y'all been up to but it's making God mad

  19. GHASTLY788

    1. łŸRÏÇŠ 9.8 2. BËÄT 9.4 3 FÜÇK Ü HÖPŠÏŃ OFGWKTM Fo Eva

  20. Bryan Erquiaga

    apparently I'm not allowed to like both Hopsin and Tyler. Guess all 5,076,174 of you are too cool for me

  21. Grimmie XII

    Not really much of a rap/hip hop guy but the dark instrumental in this sounds pretty cool. Maybe could use a couple more subtle elements but then it lends itself less to the genre.

  22. Stephanie Martinez

    Omg I love Tyler 😍😍 ugh I want to meet him and just spend a whole weekend with him 😍😍 he's amazing 🙈

  23. Technus Knight

    tumb up if hopsin brought u here

  24. Destiny Jones

    Hopsin and tyler are totally different hopsin Nor tyler can me copied or replace Hopsins more of a humours person while tylers song Keeps yhu think and wondering what Tf he Thinks of

  25. James Navarro

    Oh and if your still listening to Ill mind 4 then your a bandwagon , bet that's the only song you know

  26. James Navarro

    I'm a big fan of hop but Tyler is a fucken genius ! Are you seeing what he's doing with his albums ? Making them backwards as a story?? That is genius . So stop bringing hop cause hopsin is hopsin . Doesn't mean he hates him.

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