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  1. Disaster Compilations

    See any old videos in my compilation? I'm not trying to fool you, I just don't know which clips are of Lekima and which are of other typhoons/cyclones! If you spot an old clip, please comment that you saw an old clip and then give me the timestamp. I will happily remove it with YouTube's editor!
    Thank you, and sorry for any inconveniences!

  2. taru go

    gaba nyo na

  3. James Hobson

    Please God, let President Trump set aside any differences that there may be to render aid in this dire emergency that has befallen the People of China. 🙏🏻

  4. 420 4Life2Style0

    0:55 jump out man

  5. Megan Channels

    isang iglap pinarusahan cla ng langit😔😢😔😢😔

  6. Muhammad Akilxon

    Аллоху акбар

  7. Daniel Macours




  9. alef meira Caetano

    Minute : 1:00

  10. Alexus TM

    No offense, but I've watched other videos with typhoons and I can tell that chinese people are very stupid by lurking outside in a powerful storm! … So, so unconsciousness from their part, pity because of so many deaths!

  11. Muhammad Shohobiddinov

    Аллах велик АЛЛАХУ АКБАР

  12. Санат Дуисекенов

    Мешітті бузбған ушің Аллахайамайт

  13. Aaron Sauers

    HOLY #%^K!! 1:49

  14. Captain Velveeta

    How does every person in China still film in portrait mode ¯_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

  15. kAn DAs

    Lo del edificio me sorprendió

  16. Eva AE

    Ya allah lindungi lah hamba"mu Dari bencana alam seperti ini Amin yarrobal'alamin

  17. 李靖


  18. Joey Coon

    44 dead now

  19. burningrabbit acres

    What an ecological disaster. China now faces an existential crisis much more profound than politics. Ha ha…

  20. Ria Timmermans

    Wow cosmic energy is very high, as our Sun cycle goes into a solar minimum cycle⚡🌟🌠☄🌞💦🌊🌀🌧🌩💥

  21. John Tran

    Red evil has done quite a few bad things against god , mother nature and human being for the last three decades , this is just a warning from her force , if they keep harming human being expanding their power around the region and destroying nature , may be by 09/ 09/ 2019 or 09/19/2019 , that red evil name and faces will be wipe out from this universe , u know who I am talking about ! ! !

  22. مجنون نايف


  23. Strong Believer of the Holy Bible

    As it was in the days of Noah . Lord Jesus Christ is coming🙏❤️🕊 Lord Jesus Christ is our Savior not religion. Catholic is false! Repent, Forgive, believe in the Gospel

  24. Nikxs12

    4:28 – that tower seems familliar from the their movie * The Snake and the Sorcerer *

  25. Houssam Baher


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