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  1. Đior Atagaev


  2. Doyah 998

    🇰🇪…❤… R👌… 🙏

  3. Garry Payac

    Praying for these people.

  4. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans.

  5. Devesh Bhosale

    what category hurricane was it ?

  6. Watson Everly

    were reported missing,
    not were reportedly missing. LOL

  7. Norm La Marche

    There's no shortage of those people so they can afford to lose a few. I hear they had to cancel a big stadium mass execution event. Chinese love their mass execution stadium parties.

  8. Ross City of Liverpool.

    Little bit wet then.

  9. Asa Coe

    And yet they keep saying that climate change is it real.

    the poor and working-class are definitely going to pay for the upper classes greed and destruction of this world.

  10. Mr. Papageorgio


  11. Evolving in the Himalayas

    Prayers 🙏😔

  12. j clm

    trumps fault

  13. E Man

    Humidity from the north and ice melting in the north is interesting. Cant wait to see what happens more to come.


    Wow, some great rescues, thumbs up to the rescuers 🙂

  15. ParalegalNfashion

    Our companies headquarters is located in the area. I pray our teammates have made it out safe along with their families ❤

  16. Orphan of Wealth

    Can we get one of these in DC?

  17. woll tgfsfg

    USA is manipulating the weather AGAIN

  18. Annointed One

    Yeah this is comparable trending news to kylie jenners birthday said no one.

  19. LotWizzard

    too bad it didnt wash away the corruption

  20. Jeff B

    This is sad but did you know Miley and Liam broke up


    Trumps FAULT 👈🇺🇸
    (Sponsored by)
    The Advanced [TDS Foundation]

  22. cookie monster

    Man…. there is something going on.. it's storm after storm after storm.

  23. sunnydayzie 1

    I teach English online and I have little students in Shanghai. I pray for their safety. I know a lot of teachers have had cancellations this week from their south China students.

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