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  1. Brittney


  2. Joy Xue

    I need that card case!!! So cute!!

  3. Randi Tocher

    I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year but I want to get married at 28 and have kids in my 30

  4. Jazmin Thomas

    I use to be the same way! I was always confused why we would have to clean up if the cleaning lady was coming? Totally makes sense now haha

  5. Robyn Olivia

    Im 23 y/o and i dont want kids until im 30 lmao.

  6. Chloe Austin

    I’m 21 and live in St. Louis MO. I don’t want to get married until late 20’s and I don’t want kids until my 30’s.

  7. Aubrey P

    I love your long vlogs! also you and quentin are so cute 🥰

  8. ashley b

    want the recipe but don't have a facebook 🙁

  9. zoë dodson

    i love how goofy you and Q are together, makes me laugh so much 🙂

  10. Mackenzie Craig

    I love how you pronounce Quentin’s name lol. You put a lot of emphasis on it, Quen-TIN.

  11. Alejandra M

    I Live for these VLOGS 🤩 and the fits , the enthusiasm! always looking forward for a new video from you!! I would LOVE if you made a video of a MUSIC Playlist of you and your boyfriends favorite songs! That would be sooo cool ☺️

  12. MikiRosette

    also whats the link to your amazon page?

  13. MikiRosette

    I'm a newer subscriber (I've actually been following you on instagram for forever though) I was wondering how long you and quentin have been together? Also I'm from Columbus, OH and I want to get married maybe late 20s? Idk, I turned 20 and was like woahhh I don't want to get married too too soon lol as far as kids, I have no idea, I want to establish my career and such

  14. Genny Haylock

    From New Orleans, probably married near like 28-29 kids early 30s idkkk depends on my career

  15. Ceilidh MacRae

    “I’m treating myself to a matcha” me every day of my life with coffee

  16. Brooke Butler

    i’m from texas & i want to get married around 27 ish and have 2 kids 2 years apart

  17. Wiktoria Balcerak

    Quinton should chop his hair!!!

  18. Kelsey Thompson

    I remember cleaning before the cleaning lady came lol. My mum would literally make me late for school to help her tidy

  19. Carly Vazis

    I’m getting married next year (!!!!!) when I’m 22, and my guess is that I’ll have kids when I’m 24 or 25

  20. Rebecca Heaslip

    22, NSW Australia and honestly have no idea when I'm getting married but I know I don't ever want kids.

  21. Emily

    Hey girl, your hand/wrist sounds exactly like carpal tunnel – comes from repetitive movements (typing, writing, etc)

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