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  1. Thadius Sean

    Meanwhile in the middle East…

  2. abar rolugos

    What now CCP?

  3. Simon Tan

    What the US needs to do is to open their border to those who they think are affected by human rights abuses.

  4. Vibhavasu jnawali

    One day china shall wipe out USA from the world map.

  5. holycow343

    oh boy so the trade war is going to continue time to short some stocks lol.

  6. dong wang

    it seems that everyone has forgotten the reporter killed by Saudi Arabia.

  7. jake the snake

    Ironically the US is really quick to pass Bills on external affairs that make no benefit to the citizens of the US. However when it come to Bills and Motions for domestic issues, they get stuck faster than you can say "human rights".

  8. Vin W

    LOL,Americans are really delusional , in which century are they living in their day dream?

  9. tubeytubby

    They don't mention the Tibetans, because they are already "cleansed" of rebellious sentiment. Nothing to see there except what the government has displayed as a harmonious society with no gripes.

  10. Gwen Dee

    usa are really cracking down on China… it's like David and goliath

  11. Haled Ahmad

    Perfect decision
    Thank you America

  12. brent gurski

    hahaha but the yanks have 22 million people living on the streets and thats not inhumaine

  13. Yunhan W

    Did US pass some Lybian, Yemeni, Afghani, Syrian, Iraqi laws 🤔

  14. 执法鲁莽的

    China should also Sanction the US in reatliation for the Inhumane incarceration of latinos in it's ICE federal detention centres along the US-Mexican border. Unlike the Uigyurs in the PRC, Atleast we don't cram people in tiny cages with no roof over with no soap, clean running water and stale food.

  15. happy mass shooting usa

    cough guantanamo bay cough

  16. Lihao Meng

    Let’s see in the future. All the westerners will go to the Muslim camp to study Koran.

  17. gamer forever

    Love how china tries to say the rest of the world is barbaric, when in china they eat or take pills made from stillborn babies. but i'm sure president whinnie the poo, pudin from russa and fat kim are getting more paranoid.

  18. George Martinus

    USA, UK, and other western were objected because the visit would validate China's argument that it was tackling terrorism.

  19. Lihao Meng


  20. Skyler

    What about usmca

  21. Prakorn Girodkunkid

    Are there any American business??. American ruined Iraq Syria Libya Afaganistan ect. Is that not enough. American still try to ruined Hongkong Venezuela China. I think if no America the world will be peaceful.

  22. Dickson Chee

    Usa useless la who care 👎👎👎

  23. J Gie

    US is worried ? USA who caused the most of wars in the last century. Why they are not worried about violating human rights in Israel or Saudi Arabia ? pass bill about that you biggest terrorists !

  24. L Pati

    Someone should pass bill & impose sanction on "Police State" USA for their illegal detention camp – Guantanamo Bay — where they have detained thousands of Muslim youths there in most inhumane way..
    And also for their poor treatment, harassment & murders of Blacks and native americans.

  25. Ankit T

    When will America pass Palestine Rights bill?? Oh, well! Their illegitimate child Israel is involved there..!!

  26. Pratik Gohil

    Too late….China has already done why was necessary to ethnic cleanse uighrs

  27. Marjana Lapornik

    jewmerica is the last country on the planet who can talk about human rights abuses–fact

  28. jerry daniel

    Nothing but to contain China rise 😀😀😀

    Ridiculous with KKK !!😁😀😁

  29. Ghufran Ahmad

    Shame on China, for being unethical and immoral, May Allah help Uighurs Muslims with more religious freedom ever so that they never have to hide out their Muslim identity, and help those who are helping them as well, and make China and Chinese love Muslims and Islam, we obey you o Allah, we worship you only o Allah, please help us, please accept my prayer for the sake of your beloved Prophet (peace be upon him and his family and his companions)

  30. Timbis Channel

    Time to stop persecution Falun Gong and other believe in China

  31. G Sai

    Looks like a government has nothing to do but to play pretends like bunch of 4yrs old kids.

  32. TheReelReal

    Nancy Pelosi is trying to trash the world, like she trashed her hometown of San Francisco

  33. Eleana Wang

    They want the OIL in Xinjiang….

  34. sam midul

    Xinjiang have Giant oil source that why us care so much about it

  35. Mo Cuishle

    China should pass The Native American Bill to support Native Americans regain their all motherland territory back from these fat European descendant robbers.

  36. Walking hippo

    USA do it for other propose. Not because they care about Uygur people. This is not cool.

  37. 略略略


  38. Dazzi 43

    What about the detention camps for Mexicans?

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