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  1. Suni Lin

    Really?!? Come on. Can they ever be trusted again?

  2. Amy Knorr


    Through Being Cool by Devo.

    POV: Amy Knorr's family seized her assets as a baby, neglected her as a child. When she finally makes a home for herself, they illegally evict her. The women are all running down to the FCC accusing Marilyn Monroe of stealing their act.

    What happened to Amy Knorr's cool family? The crouching Norway hidden Russia goal…


    Last of the American Girls by Green Day.

    What if the public perception of Amy Knorr just above consciousness came as a big surprise to Amy Knorr's cool family?


    Watcha Waiting For by Gwen Stefani.

    The Royal Family as a Whole was still under the spotlight as usual.

    And the direction of the Royal Family as per the bloodline of Alice Whittaker, the inspiration for "Alice in Wonderland", ancestor of Amy Knorr… Fathom the public POV

    Marilyn Monroe supported the theory if the bloodline ancestor of Courtney Love stating that recreational drugs were introduced to the Royal Courts in the 18th century to get the extended Royal Family addicted, or to dull their minds. An action of the Norwegian underworld pre-patterned by Russia. Queen Anne was employed to create the original pattern for the drug industry in the 16th century. As such, Marilyn lost favor with the House of Hanover who believed that Anne was innocent.

    Supporting Donald Knorr's 1975 report supported the decision to let Amy Knorr go.

  3. 野猪睡了佩琪


  4. Rob Busse

    Why didn't Obama solve all these problems.

  5. Lusty

    yeah Trump… suck on that small Chinese dick

  6. Crazy Ant

    Everything that China is getting in this phase 1 trade deal….is going back to how things were. What did the Chinese get? The Chinese got swindled by the US to ask for everything they had before the trade war started. LOLOLOL Meanwhile, the US is making China adhere to the world trade rules…..and…..buying more agricultural products that what they need (thus paying the US). While this phase 1 trade deal didn't get everything the US has asked for…..it easy to see who is really controlling the negotiations. Don't believe me? Was Huawei part of the phase 1 deal? Didn't think so.

  7. Francis Fulloffrenchpeople

    Now we know what the Chinese received in exchange for all those Chinese trademarks awarded to Ivanka.

  8. Li Zhang

    This "currency manipulator" thing is plainly arbitrary and capricious.

  9. Yu Liu

  10. 野猪睡了佩琪


  11. casualsuede

    Lol, China paid their way out by buying some farm equipment, trump was bought off and told to f♡ck off or China would ruin his reelection chances.

  12. 野猪睡了佩琪


  13. Clive Newby

    I don't know much about economics…is this a bad thing?

  14. Christo Johnson

    Something not right here.. putting tarrif on them while lifting this sanctions something is fishy.

  15. Anonymous

    Seriously……tell.me there is not some sleeping around, mitch and trump in bed with th for sure

  16. Fireproof Crane

    Prose books are the show dogs I breed and sell to support my cat…

  17. Real Truth

    Currency manipulator? Really?
    The USA makes money out of thin air. Backed by nothing. So who's the manipulator here?

  18. Tony RG

    Financial Fraudster Trump and His Cronies Can Do No Wrong

  19. Z Girl

    How much did Trump make off this? And is ugly kids?

  20. Semper Fortis

    Odd… why would Bloomberg keep deleting comments critical of China?

  21. captain moonrise

    I wish America would learn before we are 100 percent sold out to the highest bribe.

  22. Liam J

    Never trust the Chinese.

  23. EquestriaGuy

    Oh wow, how much did China pay Trump for that? Must have been a nice fat deposit into his bank account.

  24. Rocky Reynolds

    How does country's like Iraq and Vietnam get by with their money not being worth anything

  25. janschutz174

    I WONDER who is going to get rich from this? China and the Trump family.

  26. Escanor

    They still manipulate tho on the black market selling organs harvested from uighurs and Hong Kong protestors.

  27. Jay Vee

    Mashugana! This is madness! They are amongst the worst violators!

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