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    Remember Mao's 100 year goal is to make the U.S.A. part of China. Boycott Chinese companies!

  2. Series 7000

    Taiwan number 1

  3. Alen KaZemi

    I'm alen Kazemi and BBC news

  4. Emiliana Santi

    Must sanction Chinese company, they support Iran on state news CCTV

  5. Chatla Suresh

    Good Sanction's by USA🇺🇸 who is the ALL POWERFUL ALL MIGHTY 🤴🏻🛡🗡🏹

  6. Eric Larsen


  7. TheOwlCreek

    This is nothing new, China has been backing North Korea for the past 50 years! Every gun, tank and missile in NK is made in China.

  8. Trevino 37

    I love my 45 because my 44 did not work!! 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  9. Daijiro Katoh

    So after checking Intl news and the news of my country no sanction was put by the US on a Chinese company recently because of working with North Korea, are we sure Fox 'news' are real news? It doesn't seem like

  10. Daijiro Katoh

    And what's the name of the company??


    Trade war is lost because Trump folded.

  12. Hakimbo Bola

    Ive waited a LONG TIME for this President, thank you President Trump !

  13. Gotthatgoin4me

    Too much winning!.£

  14. Jo Smith

    God bless the company that is trying to help millions of people to eat. In any case.

  15. Texas Gator

    The Chinese love to warn countries not to do certain things, but unlike small or weak countries the United States doesn’t need China . China needs the United States. China like Russia like to bully, but when the United States stands up to them they don’t like it. What’s China going do steal more, hack our companies as they always do. People need to realize the chinese aren’t going to stop stealing it’s in their culture to steal.

  16. Fort Red

    Sanction China for its abuse of the Uyghurs and for not allowing them to participate in the 2022 Olympics

  17. Anthony Brown


  18. Flak Lognon

    idk if i was a trucking company that moves stuff from china to dprk and the news said i was sanctioned my only reaction would be "meh" not like they could potentially actually enforce it.

  19. Mary Hernandez

    China and the world for that matter needs to know that we are not playing under this president. We've been the stupid suckers for decades but no more.

  20. java miller

    Trump is the boss!!!

  21. ken james

    China: No, Deal!
    Trump: But you promised!
    China: You're not a dealmaker, you're a rule breaker!
    Trump: This is how I play the Game!

  22. 陳文康

    good news for the Chinese Communist party!!!



  24. Annette Scott

    What company is it? Who are the heads? Vague. Vague.

  25. james83925

    A new sheriff in town.

  26. Nu Duo

    I’m afraid this might give the Chinese an excuse to back out of the “main deal” and that alone could send the stock market crashing…



  28. Chuck Dalton

    45 Strong

  29. Virginia Campodonico


  30. Emmanuel Itunu Vevo

    We are not joking. The Chinese have to understand that a new boss is in town

  31. 肉红烧

    We Chinese do whatever we like. And the Americans just can do nothing about it. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 💪💪💪

  32. 肉红烧

    Lolll… The US is so lime. It's powerless over what Chinese like to do. Trump baby is just trying to play some media/political game to safeguard his face and his election.

  33. iTrans humanation

    ….illegal activity is a norm for China, repercussions would be a novel idea…continue the query into China and we find illegal genetic experimentation most troubling in that dealing with a whole new race of human/animal hybrids developed to occupy their Space Navy and ultimately control space along with the future of mankind…..is something no one is talking about….alarming.

  34. Donald Grant

    OMG it's WWIII!

  35. Dan Blueneck

    Lets see got a 280$ tax reduction last yr. The tariff conflict has cost the average family 880$.Seems like the same trump m.o.

  36. luci75 D

    Hahahhaha. USA it’s crazy. Sanctions for everyone !

  37. shadow knight

    Hope this effect the trade deal and China backs out of it and sanctioned a few of our in retaliation

  38. Dan McFarland

    1 out of 3 democrats lie as much as the other 2.

  39. Chaz Nonya

    Great, now can we buy Asus phones from Taiwan? No store in America will carry them 😡

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